Christmas Jams… Before Thanksgiving

Are you THAT person? The ridiculously annoying Christmasy-spirit person that listens to Christmas music BEFORE Thanksgiving? The blasphemy! The outrage! I mean, who does that?

I was that person. Almost my whole life. I practically thought it was a downright sin to listen to those sweet sweet Christmas jams before Thanksgiving had passed. You need to celebrate ONE holiday at a time, people. There mustn’t be a hint of Christmas-themed things until the day directly after Thanksgiving and then and only then, will all be right with the world. 

So, promptly, the day after Thanksgiving, I crank the Christmas jams and start decorating the house with the kids. But not one day sooner than that. And I would give a huge eye roll to anyone I noticed who did break the rule.

And then, one fateful day in October, it began to snow. And my whole world flipped upside-down.

My kids were overjoyed with the first snow of the season, as early as it was. Their eyes were beaming with the oncoming sprinkle of tiny white ice crystals falling from the sky. And they were ready to celebrate the season with style. And for them, that also meant Christmas music. I reluctantly called out to my Google Home, “Hey Google, play Michael Bublé Christmas Music.” I would let my starch rules of “no Christmas music until after Christmas” rule be suspended for only but an hour, for the sake of the joy of my children.

And the music began to play… “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” and the kids danced around our living room taking breaks to peek outside the large window to the white landscape before them. And I couldn’t resist to join in. The dancing. The merriment. It was too good to miss.

I thought this would be a temporary occasion but something changed in me that day. And I have played Christmas music every day since then. My entire outlook on the whole “waiting till after Thanksgiving” mindset has shifted and it’s been quite the jolly change. It makes the whole house giddy with glee to have Christmas music playing. There is something so happy about it. And it hasn’t taken away the anticipation of Thanksgiving either. It hasn’t lessoned the celebration of anything but only heightened the joy of the entire season.

Christmas Jams... Before Thanksgiving | Twin Cities Moms Blog{Photo credit: Melissa Leeann Photography}

What I initially thought would overshadow and overcrowd the month of giving thanks and expressing gratitude by celebrating “too soon,” has actually has added so much more joy. 

I basically made a complete 180 in the past few weeks and now I’m thinking, “Dang, I can’t believe I waited 30 years to do this!”

So, I’m going to encourage you to try the same. Crank those Christmas tunes anytime your little heart desires. Get in the Christmas spirit in October, or November, or heck, even June. Just stay in the Christmas spirit all year long. Because it is one of joy and peace and giving and loving. So, what’s the harm? And what is the benefit? I think one far outweighs the other.

Christmas Jams... Before Thanksgiving | Twin Cities Moms Blog

It became much more than just breaking my rule and listening to Christmas jams before Thanksgiving. It actually altered my thinking and gave me an appreciation for the entire season and a deeper grasp for the joy of giving.

But you don’t even have to take my word for it. Try it yourself.

I’m all good to go if something makes me feel good. I don’t need the proof of why it makes me feel good. But, if by chance, you are driven by facts and research, peep this:

Many studies have found that when you listen to music that move you, your brain releases dopamine,  which is a “feel-good” chemical that is involved in motivation. Go ahead, google it, if you please.

Christmas Jams... Before Thanksgiving | Twin Cities Moms Blog

If you need me, I’ll be in my living room, rockin’ around the Christmas tree, enjoying quite the jolly season, even if it’s before Thanksgiving.

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