CobornsDelivers: The Freshest Delivery Produce Available

We love partnering with local businesses and only do if we truly believe in them. CobornsDelivers is a fantastic service that will lighten your load each week and leave more time for things you actually want to focus on…like your family.

Any mom would agree that a service that eliminates part of the weekly to-do list is one we’d all love to have, especially when that task you can cross off is grocery shopping. Even if you don’t bring the kids along, it’s still work. And as much as we all joke about a trip to the grocery store alone being vacation, I’d rather they just magically appear and I use that time for something more fun.

We’re big fans of grocery delivery from our sponsors CobornsDelivers for all of the reasons I just stated, but if you’re like me, you’re fairly picky about what you feed your family and like to have a good handle on choosing it for yourself, especially when it comes to produce. It’s actually one of the most commonly heard hesitations or concerns people have when they first consider a grocery delivery service is whether others will do as good of a job choosing their groceries for them – especially produce.

CobornsDelivers: The Freshest Delivery Produce Available | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Shopping for produce is such a sensory experience and people like to poke, squeeze, inspect, etc. before they purchase produce. One of our writers is a serious foodie, and when she had the chance to try CobornsDelivers last summer, her only fears were about the produce, and she was pleasantly surprised to have it arrive in perfect condition.

So, just in case you have any hesitations about using that 1-2 hours per week for fun, instead of grocery shopping, here is the process CobornsDelivers goes through to make sure your produce is absolutely as fresh as possible:

First, their produce arrives at CobornsDelivers and is inspected upon arrival. The produce is tasted and inspected (by trained produce experts) and then rated GOOD, BETTER or BEST It’s like having an expert pick it for you. If it doesn’t pass inspection, it doesn’t go through their doors. CobornsDelivers actually rejects about six times more produce than other stores. (For example, when berries are inspected, they carefully sift through them and replace any bad ones with fresh new ones! You definitely don’t have that option at the grocery store).  Also, consider that their produce doesn’t sit around in fancy displays – or squeezed or poked by that sweet lady who’s kids are just as unruly as yours are in that grocery cart.

Next, they deliver it fast, often within hours of when they get it, and it’s kept at the perfect temperature all the way to your door. Four different humidity-controlled temperature zones keep produce at the peak of freshness. Even when it’s on its way to your door, it is carefully packed to stay fresh for several hours after delivery.

CobornsDelivers: The Freshest Delivery Produce Available | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Finally, their selection of organic foods is large and always growing, but not only is our produce inspected and rated, it never goes in your bag if it doesn’t look perfect. And if you aren’t satisfied, they have a 100% money back guarantee.

We highly encourage you to try this service, which includes a special offer for Twin Cities Moms Blog readers – let someone else do the work for a change and allow yourself a little extra time. You won’t be disappointed!


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