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It is Minnesota. It is the middle of winter. We basically live in the tundra. And today I got excited because there was not a negative sign in front of the temperature when I got in my car. It was four degrees. POSITIVE FOUR DEGREES. #celebrate 

This time of year, people tend to place a big focus on two things. First, there is a focus on health and fitness. I am super supportive of those efforts, but am in no way equipped to “talk” to you about it. I have minimal experience which comes from minimal interest…so there’s that.

The second focus this time of year: getting cozy. The hot word to use right now is “hygge,” which basically is the art of being cozy. Call it whatever you want – I am all about that. We just turned the corner on a chaotic December and rang in a new year – we deserve a little cozy in our lives! 

As I was thinking about enjoying this cozy time of year, I thought about what that means to me. I came up with a list – call it my cozy-must-have-checklist. What is on my list? 

  • Fire going in the fireplace
  • Christmas decor tucked away into various storage bins (translation: disorganized) in the basement
  • A full pot of HOT coffee with a large side of creamer
  • My children playing peacefully without requesting a snack every five seconds
  • A cozy blanket all to myself
  • Comfy clothes complete with comfy slippers 

I recently took a poll on Instagram asking about your comfy clothing style. I grouped people into two categories. Either you are wearing old sweatpants (likely stating your college across the side of the leg) with your husband’s softest t-shirt OR you are wearing adorable comfy clothes that somewhat incorporate the latest trends and make you look stylish. The results of the poll were fairly even. For me personally, I find myself somewhere in the middle. I have plenty of “old school” sweats, but I would like to try some more stylish clothing for this hygge time of year. 

Cozy Style | Twin Cities Moms Blog

So, where do you find stylish cozy clothes? Everywhere! I pulled together some items I am eyeing right now. And just a quick shoutout to my mama’s that wear the old school sweats: you don’t need to change! Keep wearing those college sweatpants if they make you happy. But if you ever find yourself converting to the stylish side, here are some ideas for you. No pressure 🙂 

I broke it down into categories below and shared some great items to try for your cozy outfit. 

Cozy shirts: onetwothree

Sweatshirt/Cardigan: onetwothree

Sweatpants: onetwothree

Slippers: onetwo 

Socks: onetwo

Hat: onetwo 

How do you dress when you are getting cozy at home this time of year? Share any favorite styles in the comments! 

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