My Husband Isn’t a Babysitter. He is Dad.

My Husband Isn't a Babysitter. He is Dad. | Twin Cities Moms Blog

A few weeks ago, I grabbed by camera bag, tossed my lenses and camera in (among the diapers and burp cloths), and kissed my four babies good-bye for the morning.

Mama was going to work and Daddy was staying home with the kids. It’s what we do. We are a team. When he is at work I’m at home, and when I am at work he is at home.

We depend on and support each other equally.

After my morning sessions, I came home for a quick lunch, and then sent my husband and kids out for the afternoon to hang out at the pool and grab groceries so I could get some house work done in peace.

I mopped floors, vacuumed, deep cleaned bathrooms and regained some household sanity. You better believe that the music was blaring, and I was simultaneously folding clothes and eating potato chips in peace. It was glorious.

Before braving the store he was sitting poolside, watching our kids play while sipping on ice tea. It was equally as glorious.

Soon enough, my kids and hubby came home to a spotless house, smelling like chlorine and sunscreen, bearing groceries and huge smiles .

High five hubby. High five wifey.

Just another day in the Dugan household, we rock this thing called parenthood together.

But then…

The compliments came flooding in after hearing about our day. Directed however only toward my husband because of his day with HIS kids.

“Wow! You are an awesome Dad!”

“Seriously? You took the kids to the pool and grocery shopping? Good for you!”

“That’s amazing you did that!”

“Oh so you babysat them today?”

Um? Just no. Stop the music! What is this? The 1950’s? Haven’t we moved past these parental specific roles?

Also, wasn’t I the one scrubbing toilets? Where are my reactions of utter amazement? I take four kids to the doctor, grocery shopping, to the pool, to the library, to the park by myself while running a business weekly and I don’t get compliments.

Before you think I’m fishing for accolades I’m not, nor do I even want them. I do what I do because I’m mom and it’s truly a gift to be a mother and take care of these littles and our home. I’m thankful to also have a job I love that contributes to our family finances. I don’t need, expect, or even want applause. A hug and a thank you from my husband is more than enough. The satisfaction that the two of us are in the thick of parenthood together is enough.

But guess what? That knowledge is also enough for my husband. He works hard outside our home and serves our children all because he is Dad. He loves being their father. He loves being my husband. He thinks it’s ridiculous to be praised for simply doing what each family member should already be doing. Supporting one another is what keeps us close and our family strong.

With that in mind, every time he gets a compliment we catch each other’s gaze, stifle a giggle and roll our eyes.

All joking aside, “Michael you really are an amazing Dad because you always go above and beyond. We love you.”

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