Date Night Dressing

Date Night Dressing | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Date night – that magical unicorn of a concept that you scratch your head and think, “Yes…that rings a bell…where have I heard about that before?” And then you remember, “Oh yes, those happened BEFORE kids!” Well girlfriends, grab your partner and book a babysitter because I’m sharing the perfect date night outfit. And let’s be honest, picking the outfit may be the most exciting part of date night (And the glass of wine. And dessert. And no kids.) (Oh, and seeing my husband.)

Before sharing the details of the outfit, I must share my theory on picking the perfect outfit. I always have an item in my closet – my starting item – that I’m excited to wear. Maybe it’s new, maybe I feel really good in it, or any other reason why I want to pick said item. So I start with that item and build an outfit around it that makes sense for the date activity and looks great.

Date Night Dressing | Twin Cities Moms Blog

I present to you my “starting item” – my white tennis shoes. (Did she just say tennis shoes? For date night?) Yes. Go on Instagram or open fashion magazines and realize that the white tennis shoe is a thing right now. Praise the angels and the heavenly fashion gods because this trend is luxury for your feet. I used to be all.about.the.heels but guess what? There’s a new trend in town and it says, “Go ahead. Be comfy.”

Alright, so I’m starting with tennis shoes. To expand on tennis shoes – these aren’t your muddy shoes you took on a run that one time last year. These are some nice clean sneaks’ that still have a freshness about them. (I’ve done my best to keep mine clean – but a toddler who will remain nameless may have stepped on mama’s feet a few times because walking in a straight line is very difficult)

On date night, I like to feel pretty and feminine – it’s a slight change-up to my usual uniform: workout-clothes-that-I-don’t-actually-workout-in that I’m sporting 99% of the time at home. Layer on top of that a nice line of crusted toddler snot on my left shoulder, chipped nail polish, and hair that really should have been washed but a straightener and dry shampoo took care of it for That all being said, I decided to balance out my date night tennis shoes with a dress. It creates this super comfy yet really cute balance of sporty/feminine that I’m basically wearing any chance I get these days.

Date Night Dressing | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Lastly, accessorize. I am not a huge fan of major accessories so I just added a pair of sunglasses and a simple necklace. You could layer on a scarf if it’s chilly, a denim vest for another look (obsessed with this one) or throw on a bandana if you’re feeling extremely trendy.

Here are the details of my outfit: shoes / dress / sunglasses

What are your current “starting items?” Will you embrace the tennis shoe trend? Share a picture of your favorite date night outfit in the comments! Enjoy your date night! And the wine!

Date Night Dressing | Twin Cities Moms Blog

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  1. Laura July 15, 2016 at 4:16 PM #

    adorable as always 🙂 so wish we had an evereve closer! that dress looks amazing!

    XO Lo

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