A Day of Family Fun at Urban Air

Our partners at Urban Air - Coon Rapids invited our contributor, Aimee, to visit their latest location with her family for a day of fun. Read her full review on their incredible facility and check out some of the attractions you and your kids can enjoy! Plus - be sure to check out their hours for MEA Break!

Keeping three very energetic and adventurous boys entertained can be challenging. Sometimes it’s being pulled in different directions because one wants to do something different than the other two. And let’s face it, there are limited options that everyone can enjoy, which can be tough when it’s my turn to solo parent! 

Recently, I was able to learn more about what Urban Air in Coon Rapids had to offer. I had been prepping the boys for a few days, saying they got to go to a trampoline park. All I heard was “go jumping” until we FINALLY left for the anticipated play time!

Urban Air has only been open a few weeks, but even coming in right at the opening on a Saturday, there were already guests waiting to enjoy the fun. Once inside, I met the owner, Brandy, who had a smile on her face and was helping customers navigate purchasing tickets on the kiosks and signing waivers as needed.

The process was pretty simple. I was able to add myself as the adult first and add all three kids under me and sign the waivers all at once – which as a busy mom I appreciate! We got some pretty awesome blue and neon yellow colored socks to wear (that glow in the dark!!) and are yours to keep for when you come back again (which trust me, you will!).

A Day of Family Fun at Urban Air | Twin Cities Moms Blog

When I say all ages, this place has more than just trampolines. Each kid gets measured for height and that determines which pass is best to buy. There are certain areas that are only for kids over 48 inches tall, but there is plenty for the littler ones, along with the taller ones (aka: parents!). 

They had lockers in the front you can purchase time on to place valuables. I loved this option because it allowed me to keep my phone at the beginning to take pictures of the kids having a blast and then I was able to reopen it and put it away to enjoy time with the boys.

The boys were off as soon as their socks were on – no waiting for mommy! They immediately found the tubes/slides area (for anyone under 52 inches) and began to play. They were all smiles as they came running to me afterwards.

A Day of Family Fun at Urban Air | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Right next to the tubes is the Skyrider (for those over 48 inches). While attached to a pulley, you launch yourself at the top of the ramp and “fly” on a track. Um yeah, this was one mommy wanted to enjoy! My oldest was the only one tall enough and he loved it. This was an attraction you would totally want a video of. I am for sure bringing another adult with me next time so I can take a turn on this one!

The rest of the park is full of trampolines, a freestyle area that includes a skateboard style trampoline, an area designated for children seven and younger, a drop zone where you get to jump and flip into a pit, and an awesome dodgeball area too! There truly is something for everyone in your family to enjoy.

A Day of Family Fun at Urban Air | Twin Cities Moms Blog

My kids really enjoyed the Warrior Course. They got to crawl through four different obstacle courses without fear – because if you lose your balance, you just fall into a ball pit! The course gets timed and recognizes when you start and when you exit. This is a great feature for kids to race with friends and parents alike.

A Day of Family Fun at Urban Air | Twin Cities Moms Blog

My busy boys kept going so next up was the Warrior Battle Beam. I may be dating myself, but this reminded me of the American Gladiator days! Someone blows the whistle and you go at each other until one falls into the foam pit below. The boys loved it!

We also had a blast with the climbing walls. With different kinds of walls, the boys tried all of them to see if they could get to the top and ring the bell. The look on their faces when they accomplished getting to the top was priceless, and I appreciated that there were walls for all kinds of different climbers. The ropes course (for over 48 inches) was also a hit with my oldest.

A Day of Family Fun at Urban Air | Twin Cities Moms Blog

You will definitely work up an appetite, so enjoy an Icee, pizza, or some mini donuts, just to name a few items at the concessions stands. For parents, if you want to take a break, there is an upstairs lounge where parents can watch the entire space from up above on a comfy couch, or if you need to make a quick call or send an email, the room has mostly soundproof walls you can utilize to get a quiet moment away from the hustle and bustle of below. If you are tired from jumping, feel free to stop by the big massage chairs… Do I need to say anything else?

A Day of Family Fun at Urban Air | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Reasonably priced and fun for everyone, our family is definitely coming back. This Momma is determined to get on that SkyRider!

If you are looking for something to do this MEA break, Urban Air will be open Monday, October 16 – Friday, October 20, 10am – 8pm. For more information on hours, location, waivers, purchasing tickets and parties – click here!

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