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Detox Your Pits! | Twin Cities Moms Blog

I’ve dished out so much advice on my natural, aluminum-free deodorant and the detox process that I felt like I needed to shout it out to the blogosphere! (I’ve even convinced my very manly husband to make the switch to all natural!)

I’ll keep this light BUT a few years ago I lost a close friend. To cancer. And it was horrible. It made me question a lot of things. I started educating myself on the chemicals in our home and on our bodies. And I slowly started switching out my family’s personal products that were filled with chemicals to more natural ones.

Let’s Get to the Stinkin’ Truth
The majority of deodorants/antiperspirants use aluminum to stop you from sweating and smelling by blocking your pores. Some studies have suggested that aluminum is linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. And we put this on our armpits directly over our lymph nodes every day. There are other studies that say that the amount of aluminum is minimal and wouldn’t harm you. Do I really want to chance that? Sadly, it’s hard to know what to believe.

There are so many great natural deodorants for women and men that serve the same purpose. But it is a bit of a sweaty and stinky process I won’t lie.

First you need to DETOX YOUR PITS
Say what!? Think about it.
You’ve been slathering on deodorant day after day for years. And it’s built up in your pores. Ever notice that it’s hard to shave because even after you wash your armpits there is still a film on there? You need to trash your old deodorants and let it go. Let it go! Go all natural for a few weeks. No deodorant whatsoever. I know EXACTLY what you are thinking. Yes, you most likely will stink! And sweat. So take a shower. A lot. And keep a washcloth handy so you can spot wash if necessary (or baby wipes!). Because the odor is bacteria munching on your pores so try to keep your pits dry and clean. If you don’t detox your pits, then the transition to a natural deodorant will not be as effective.

Once the detox process is done (about 2 weeks), you can jump right into trying out your new stock of good-for-you deodorants.

I would suggest buying 2-3 different kinds of aluminum-free deodorants. There are regular sticks like you might be more accustomed to and they have pastes that you apply with your fingertips. Some are made with baking soda- you might get some irritation from it until your body gets used to it. Everyone’s body chemistry is different so what works for your bestie may not for you.

But I Still Sweat!
It’s a whole new train of thought. You are SUPPOSED TO SWEAT. It’s your body’s natural way of getting out the toxins built up in your pores. You will probably sweat a lot more during the detox process and then it should taper off as you start trying out new products.

What Should I Buy?
Once you start doing research, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many different aluminum-free products are out there! Here are some links to get you started:

Here’s my last bit of good-smelling advice- hang in there during this process because in the end you are taking a step forward to living a chemical-free lifestyle for you and your family!

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  1. Lauren
    Lauren June 9, 2015 at 4:55 PM #

    Ohhh this makes me want to make this change!! Thanks for the encouragement!

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