Experience Easter at Maplewood Mall

Our partners at Maplewood Mall are here to help you dress your family for Easter! Maplewood Mall is your place for spring shopping and kid-friendly experiences all under one roof. Check out how one of our contributors spent her time at the mall and how you and your family can enjoy the mall this Easter season!

Easter Shopping at Maplewood Mall {Sponsored Post} | Twin Cities Moms Blog

If you are anything like me, you are typically running a little behind. For example, I’m known to buy birthday presents on the way to the birthday party. Christmas gifts have occasionally been a printout picture of what I have ordered as a gift for a family member…which was ordered only hours earlier. Getting ahead is not really my strength – but guess what? It is a new year and I am trying to make strides in my preparation game!

So, if you can relate to me, then I have a news flash: Easter is only a few weeks away! And in the spirit of trying to be slightly more ahead of big family events, I took a night to shop for family outfitting ideas…because who doesn’t love to shop for new clothes during Springtime in Minnesota?

I chose to check out Maplewood Mall‘s options for Easter outfitting. This was my first trip to Maplewood Mall – and I was impressed! Because I am a super smart mom, I went shopping alone because I needed to focus…but I would absolutely recommend this mall for a fun morning or afternoon with your kids. They have stores to satisfy your shopping needs, a Caribou Coffee perfectly located in the center of the mall, and fun activities for your kids (a merry-go-round and train rides! Score!). They even have a club called KidX that puts on kid-friendly events for your children to enjoy!

Easter Shopping at Maplewood Mall {Sponsored Post} | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Easter Shopping at Maplewood Mall {Sponsored Post} | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Easter Shopping at Maplewood Mall {Sponsored Post} | Twin Cities Moms Blog

If shopping for an Easter outfit for your whole family seems overwhelming, I am here to help. I hope I can calm your fears with some easy steps to creating a budget-friendly and photo-worthy look for your family. 

  1. Determine your budget: While we’d all love to go on a shopping spree for new outfits for our family (or to buy tickets for a dream vacation), most of us have a limited budget. It’s important to know a rough budget before you shop so you can know how much money you have to spend and can allocate it across all the outfits needed for your family. 
  2. Determine who needs outfits and which items: Take a few minutes to look through your closets to familiarize yourself with what’s currently in your family wardrobe. You do not need to buy new pants if they already have options that will work for this event. One tip: Keep shoes in mind – a lot of times my son’s shoes are halfway covered in dirt, so I knew going on this shopping trip that he would need new shoes for his Easter outfit. 
  3. Pick a color scheme: Knowing that Easter (or other family events) is a great time for a family photo, I suggest picking a few colors for your family outfitting. I would also suggest limiting patterns as they can easily clash in pictures.  
  4. Shop! Get out there and see what is available in your favorite stores. And one additional tip: be realistic with what you buy for your kids (and maybe even your husband…) to wear. For example, if your son hates button down shirts, pick a different option to avoid a major battle. Plus, if you pick items your family loves, they will likely wear it again and again! 

Easter Shopping at Maplewood Mall {Sponsored Post} | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Here are the outfits I picked out for a family of four. I set my budget at $200 with the biggest priorities being the kid’s outfits (since kids are constantly growing out of their current clothes and tend to get stains all over their clothes!). I wanted a fairly neutral color scheme (a personal preference) so I decided to shop for navy, white, and gray options. I also like to add little pops of fun into the outfits – such as the glitter tennis shoes for the girl outfit or the pop of color in the scarf for the mom. I also was able to supplement with items from our existing wardrobe that complimented the items I purchased. 

Outfit Details:

  • Mom: Scarf and dress (I have it styled as a top w/ white jeans) are both from Francesca’s 
  • Girl: All items from H&M
  • Boy: All items from H&M
  • Dad: Shirt from Macy’s 
  • *Items not called out are from my own closet based on my tip suggested above. 

And when you make your trip to the mall, plan it around these kid-friendly events! Maplewood Mall has events for kids of all ages, genders and special needs including:

So, are you ready for Easter? What are your tips and tricks for outfit shopping for family events? What color schemes do you like for family pictures? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments – and share pictures so we can get outfit inspiration from one another!

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