Easy Fall Wardrobe Updates

Easy Fall Wardrobe Updates | Twin Cities Moms Blog

It is the most wonderful time of year.

Ok…so that’s debatable…and subject to every person’s opinion…but there is something exciting about fall. And especially in our great state of Minnesota. I mean…come on…this has got to be one of the most beautiful places in September and October, not to mention the endless apple orchards, the return of hot drinks (farewell cold press coffee…see you next June), and a start to a new school year for our kids. 

So the big question is…what do I wear in this new season? 

There are always new trends buzzing around…and many of them are recycled from our early years (hello scrunchies; I see you crop tops). If you are a busy mom with one zillion things on your to-do list, trying to incorporate the latest trends is likely not in the top one hundred items on your list…so let me help you out with a few easy options for updating your fall wardrobe. And…let’s not break the bank either…ok? 

First up – dresses. Not just any dresses – but midi length dresses. If that is a new term for you, it means that they hit just below your knee. It’s a really great length if you want to look pulled together, but you still have to chase your kids at the park. This dress length gives you the confidence you need that you will not be showing your rear when picking up your kid off the ground. You can find a variety of options from casual to dressy – so you can make this trend your own by picking what works best for your lifestyle. Here are a few great options: onetwothree 

Easy Fall Wardrobe Updates | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Second – pants. More specifically, loose comfy pants. Ok…so not sweatpants, but close! There is a trend going around with loose cropped pants. It is a step up from sweatpants in looks, but it’s the same great feel of pure comfort…especially if you find a pair with an elastic waistband.  Score! This style can be kept casual with a graphic tee front tucked or even dressed up with a blouse or a crisp button-down tucked in. Here are a few great options: onetwothree 

Third – the leather/faux leather jacket. I did mention budget-friendly options earlier in this post (because that Target bill won’t pay itself) – so I will be sticking to the faux leather option this fall. These jackets are a great way to dress up a casual outfit or a great way to dress down a dressier outfit. #versatile They are a great layering option for fall weather…you know…before we break out the warmest parkas money can buy for the temps that are yet to come in January. Here are a few options: onetwothree 

Fourth – tennis shoes. I think I have written about this trend multiple times now, but it continues to stay strong. If you are new to this trend, let me clue you in. These are “cute” tennis shoes – not grubby old tennis shoes you also use for gardening or painting. There are so many options. With fall ahead, there are options with metallic fabric, fall colors, or just classic white sneakers. Here are a few great options: onetwothree

No matter what you wear this fall, the key is to express your own personal style. I hope these help get you started on your fall shopping. I would love to hear what other items are your go-to for fall style. Please share in the comments! 

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