Fear Less. Finding Peace in the Present.

Fear Less. Finding Peace in the Present. | Twin Cities Moms Blog

If I could work on one thing, it would be to FEAR LESS, to live (more often) in the moment while my children thoroughly embrace it.

I know I’m not alone in this thought. I can’t tell you how many times I hear from people and I’ve even said, “You just have to live in the moment!” My twin girls are my first and only two kids, and I never experienced that feeling that some have of ‘letting things go’ more with a second child and I don’t know if I’ll ever experience that. I strive to find peace in the present with two three-year olds who keep me on my toes, even when I’m stumbling. I strive to ignore all the dust, dirt, and bad news in our world. Yes, many things in life are out of our control, but still… I fear. From little bumps and bruises in life to future unknowns in a world filled with hatred and rejection, making me want to build a bunker and raise my kiddos underground, away from our unpredictable world. But, I will not do that. However, I find it hard at times to shake the negativity that has infiltrated our population. From racism, sexism and bullying to news reports filled with death and crimes that never existed when I was a kid. I like to think my skin is tough and my little bubble is made up of a protective shield, ensuring a lifelong story filled with beauty, freedom and safety. I will do whatever it takes to create this story for my children – as we all want to do the same.

Sometimes I think I might be dreaming, but unfortunately the evil we see and feel in our world is far from a dream. It’s our reality?! As a mom, I find this hard to wrap my head around. I never grew up in a world like this. Of course evil has always existed, but one would hope that history along with the birth of many amazing technologies and fascinating minds would only change our world for the better. Turn on the news, look through your news feed or catch a notification from a news app on your phone… Not a week goes by without a glimpse or turning a sympathetic ear toward a new sad story. With news, technology and information just a tap away, we can quickly be pulled in and easily affected by the chaos in our world.

And I ask…

How? How can I FEAR, when my present is the most lovely thing imaginable… and I encourage a degree of fearlessness in my children.

It’s hard not to worry about the future when my little ones are growing up with smiles and the innocent belief that they are 100% safe at all times. In a child’s invincible mind, the world is their canvas and they get to make it what they want! They get to be who they want, sing what they want, giggle, tumble, fall, make mistakes, curiously learn and love who they want. Shouldn’t we be doing the same as parents?

I had a moment along with all of these thoughts, while watching my girls paint. I found myself daydreaming back to when they first played with paint. It was a traumatic event – With confused and worried faces, both of my children rejected this stuff that most toddlers would love to roll around in. Nope, not over here. We got tears and shrieks made up of an almost incomprehensible “get it off! get it off now!” followed by an immediate demand to wash every tiny remnant off their hands.

Fear Less. Finding Peace in the Present. | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Then a little later in the year, we bought an easel and they started painting as if it was the best thing ever!

Now, that is the way to live! Like what you’re doing is the best thing ever and it’s the only thing that matters at that moment and nothing will interfere with your joy.

Fear Less. Finding Peace in the Present. | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Dirt, stains, mistakes and messy paint all make for a beautiful canvas. I watched my girls for a bit while they hummed and painted – – wow, they do not FEAR in their carefree little lives, like they once did. They dive in, love it, they are brave and they are teaching me daily to live in the moment.. to fear less. Because each and every single moment is the most important one and it really needs to be lived in.

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