Feel Better, Do Better: A Health and Wellness Pep-Talk for Moms {Part 3}

We are back for the third post in our ongoing series with our partners at Harrington & Associates Plastic Surgery! Dr. Jennifer Harrington is here to discuss topics surrounding women's health and wellness.

Feel Better, Do Better: A Health and Wellness Pep-Talk for Moms {Part 3} | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Real talk, ya’ll.

As moms, we all know that after giving birth to our children, certain parts of our bodies are just never the same. Let’s get it out there that one region in particular certainly changes: the vagina. 

Maybe it’s the, ahem, *sprinkle* that occurs when you sneeze, jump, or run. Or certain activities that were once pleasurable with your spouse suddenly aren’t enjoyable any longer. Perhaps these changes have caused you to feel discomfort, embarrassment, or even pain. In her third installment of this series, let’s hear what Dr. Harrington has to say about one way that we as moms can take our lady parts back to pre-childbirth days and how this procedure could change your reproductive health. 

If you read part 2 of this series, then you’ll know that vaginal health is of paramount importance to me. The vagina has many parts. I’ve discussed the inner parts of the vagina, now I want to talk about the outer areas and, more specifically, the Labiaplasty procedure. I’ve been doing this procedure for over 13 years now and what used to be a once-a-month procedure for ladies is now performed here 5-10 times per week!   My experiences with this has even led me to create my own technique, the Trim-V. More on that later. Part 2 also talked about the Geneveve procedure and how it improves vaginal performance (WOW!). Now I want to jump right into vaginal appearance and how it affects performance.

First, the basics. The outer appearance of the vagina is composed three defined tissues. Each of these three anatomic structures can vary in size and shape and give rise to the varied appearances from female to female. This variance in size and symmetry, combined with other factors, i.e. childbirth, age, weight changes, activity level, etc., can present as a number of different symptoms in your daily life. The excess tissue may cause you to experience physical discomfort during activity, embarrassment during intimacy and/or inability to wear tight clothing.

The solution – Labiaplasty. The Labiaplasty procedure has been gaining more and more popularity as women are becoming more self-aware and stepping out of their comfort zone to ask questions about their more intimate parts. Ladies from teens to 50s have had this procedure in my clinic and are delighted with the results. This procedure takes about 45 minutes and is done in the privacy of my clinic procedure room. Local anesthesia (numbing medicine) is placed over the area to provide maximal comfort during and after the procedure. The end result provides more comfort and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Ladies walk out after the procedure with minimal restrictions after.

There are many techniques for this procedure, but I most often use my own, the Trim-V, which incorporates more curvilinear contours of the area. This is important because not only is the functionality and asymmetry of the tissues improved, the completed procedure may result in improved sensitivity during intimacy.

It’s important to note, this is not simply an aesthetic procedure. Far from it. Though the outer appearance of the vagina is changed, the contours created help females perform more comfortably in their daily activities. With regards to more intimate activities, YES! Patients are gaining self confidence in their appearance. Not to mention previously obscured sensitive tissues come out of hiding and can be stimulated more easily. Appearance affecting performance (and sensation).

Feel better, Do better. Intimate topics, straight forward answers. More to come…

Feel Better, Do Better | Twin Cities Moms BlogAs a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Harrington has over 17 years experience and expertise in delivering top-quality care in a most compassionate way. Dr. Harrington built her practice from the ground up, all the while focused on the patient perspective. From women’s’ wellness and weight loss to cosmetic and reconstructive interventions, Harrington + Associates addresses a spectrum of patient concerns. With both surgical and non-surgical offerings, investing in the latest technologies, and fielding a highly-trained staff, this practice is equipped to serve its patients’ many different needs.

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