Feel Better, Do Better: A Health & Wellness Pep-Talk For Moms

We are thrilled to kick off a series with our partners at Harrington & Associates Plastic Surgery! Dr. Jennifer Harrington is here to discuss topics surrounding women's health and wellness. In her introductory post, she reminds us that it's ok to take time for ourselves and how caring for ourselves can benefit our overall well-being.

Feel Better, Do Better | Twin Cities Moms Blog

When I talk to moms, they speak with a sense of vulnerability, even guilt, about doing something for themselves. They devote 100% of their existence to their children and families, but in our conversations they let their guard down and begin to share feelings that, sometimes, their significant others don’t even know about. It happens all of the time and it is time for me to speak out and say, “IT’S OK. YOU’RE NOT ALONE!” 

For 18 years I have been in practice performing cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeries on, you guessed it, MOMS! I’ve seen the highest highs and the lowest lows with these ladies. Everything from battles through cancer to getting their confidence and bodies back after child rearing. But there has been one commonality, one unifying trait that all of them have shared—vulnerability. 

Full disclosure. I am not a mom. That is to say I have never given birth to children. But don’t let that disqualify me from having something very important to say to you. I’m not a mom, but I am mothering. I have Lotta, my canine child, whom I love and adore. I also have 15 employees in my practice to whom I am like a mother in many ways. And then there are my patients, who are mostly moms themselves and for whose needs I care for. All this to say, almost every waking minute of my day is spent “mothering”—listening, nurturing, problem-solving, advising, counseling, etc. 

This brings me to my purpose here. I want to write to moms, about moms, for moms. Feel better, do better, for your children, for your families. I am calling upon all my years of experience and will be writing a series of blogs meant to empower you, meant to let you know it’s OK to focus a little on yourself. Think of it as a consultation of sorts. I’m just answering questions that perhaps you’ve thought of, but never asked. I’ll speak on a personal level, all the while knowing that moms that feel strong, confident, empowered and healthy perform better for their kids, husbands, friendships; essentially affecting every aspect of their lives.

My inbox is littered with success stories and thank-you’s from ladies in your season of life that have taken that leap, allowed themselves to experience grace and vulnerability and let me help them get back on track to achieving their goals and aspirations. Some secrets are worth sharing, so be looking ahead as I touch on some topics in women’s health that are both common and intimate. Hang in there, we’ll get through this!

Feel Better, Do Better | Twin Cities Moms BlogAs a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Harrington has over 17 years experience and expertise in delivering top-quality care in a most compassionate way. Dr. Harrington built her practice from the ground up, all the while focused on the patient perspective. From women’s’ wellness and weight loss to cosmetic and reconstructive interventions, Harrington + Associates addresses a spectrum of patient concerns. With both surgical and non-surgical offerings, investing in the latest technologies, and fielding a highly-trained staff, this practice is equipped to serve its patients’ many different needs.

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