Feel Better, Do Better: A Health and Wellness Pep-Talk for Moms {Part 2}

We are back for another post in our ongoing series with our partners at Harrington & Associates Plastic Surgery! Dr. Jennifer Harrington is here to discuss topics surrounding women's health and wellness. In her second post, she is here to tell us about a revolutionary procedure that may completely change your reproductive health!

Feel Better, Do Better: Part 2 | Twin Cities Moms BlogWell, ladies, I’m back and I want to jump right in with both feet. I’m going to ask you to be open-minded here, allow yourself to be introspective, self-centered, just for a few moments, and let’s talk about vaginas. Yes, I just said that – vaginas. It can be a hard subject to discuss, no doubt, but it is a subject I’m very open to talking about. Vaginal health has become a new focus for women and believe it or not, it’s really important! And I have a new technology in my clinic that is changing women’s lives.

I really struggle with how to shout this from the mountain tops without offending people and patients, but I can honestly tell you I am really excited about this! I have the good fortune of speaking intimately to women all day long and I love it. We talk about what makes them happy, what doesn’t, loss of relationships and loved ones, cancer, goals, dreams, and ways to enable them to live their lives fully. Here’s a little vignette – more often than not women chuckle when I ask them if they want a post-operative prescription for “no sex for the next six months.” Let’s face it, most of us do not have the same desire as our mates. Why is that? Well, there are about a million reasons – kids, work, family, stress, not feeling sexy and so on. Just imagine if there was a non-surgical procedure, with really no down time, in and out of my office within one hour, no pain, and, yes, delivers real, measurable results like improved desire, tightening, moisture, arousal, and decreased urinary incontinence! Well, it’s true, it’s here and it really works. Listen up!

The vagina is a vault. Your vault! We nurture and take care of almost everything else, right? For example, let’s take our skin. We do facials, we buy creams, lotions and potions, we do peels and even burn our skin with lasers, we do botox, fillers, and so on. Well, what do we do for our vault? That very important vault that is at the center of our core. Really, life’s core! It’s at the center of intimacy, it’s how we reproduce, it’s vital in excreting what we don’t need, etc… Let’s just say it’s kind of important.

I have taken great interest in women’s vaginal health for the past 13 years. I do on average 3-6 labiaplasties per week (yes, I want to blog about that also) and the concept of actual vaginal vault health and improvement always seemed like something that we as women would never have an answer for. I know that I can make things look pretty, I just never dreamed that we could actually improve function. Really improve function! Now, technological advancements have truly made it possible. Do not worry, I DO NOT jump at the next latest and greatest. I do my research, I understand the science, and I vet out all technologies that do not deliver safe, reliable, and consistent results!

The name of this procedure is Geneveve™ by Viveve®. It takes about 25 minutes. There is no pain, no discharge, and literally no down time. It’s usually a one-and-done, but we will occasionally have that patient who needs a follow up treatment at one to three months to improve results. I suspect patients may end up wanting a follow up treatment down the road (every year or two) as things never last forever. Although, this could end up being quite permanent – the data is still pending.

So what does it really do? It combines radiofrequency with cryotherapy to rejuvenate the tissues of the vault. There are other treatments out there but none have this combined modality (heating and cooling) that allows for rejuvenation at a much deeper level. Patients report an increase in drive, more arousal, and greater stimulation. They also say it greatly improves moisture and laxity. And, even more importantly, it is actually greatly improving stress urinary incontinence. Honestly, for me this is a no brainer!

My nurse or physician assistant perform the procedure in my clinic. I have treated a number of my staff members and the entire clinic is abuzz because it’s doing exactly what we hoped for. I have heard multiple testimonials that patients are now asking their husbands/significant others for sex on a DAILY basis, and enjoying it! Absolutely unbelievable!!!

Well, as you can see I could go on and on about this. I hope not to have offended anyone. As I stated in part 1 of my blog series, I intend to discuss subjects that are both common and intimate. My hope for you is that I use my education and experience as a platform so that I may give you the confidence and the knowledge to make the best decisions for yourselves. Remember, feel better, do better. More to come…

P.S. Might make a great Father’s Day gift! 😉

Feel Better, Do Better | Twin Cities Moms BlogAs a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Harrington has over 17 years experience and expertise in delivering top-quality care in a most compassionate way. Dr. Harrington built her practice from the ground up, all the while focused on the patient perspective. From women’s’ wellness and weight loss to cosmetic and reconstructive interventions, Harrington + Associates addresses a spectrum of patient concerns. With both surgical and non-surgical offerings, investing in the latest technologies, and fielding a highly-trained staff, this practice is equipped to serve its patients’ many different needs.

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