Appreciating the Small Things

I have always been someone who looks at the bigger picture in life – not the little ways to get there. When I have an idea, I typically share it with my husband and then I let him figure out how the idea is going to work.  Especially when it comes to family. I can be creative and come up with wonderful plans, but I typically forget to think through all the logistics.

Appreciating the Small Things | Twin Cities Moms Blog

As a mom, it is so easy to get into a routine of life and push the ambitions and big plans aside because it seems like too much work to achieve.  I have always been a dreamer, but I get stuck week by week into the same routines.  It is so easy to feel less than as a dreamer mom. I have had to change my thoughts to start appreciating the small things in life.

I will never allow myself to stop my creative mind or think of the future. However, I have learned to start being even more grateful for what is happening now; my son’s voice saying “Mommy,” warm coffee, and even the sun outside.  The routines of life sometimes take the beauty out of every day. It is so important to keep remembering why you do all that you do.

Appreciating the Small Things | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Time is a thief and stopping to enjoy the present helps to slow time down a little bit.  I think it is so easy to forget about the everyday moments when the focus is placed on the future.

My son is almost 2 years old, and my second baby boy is almost here.  If there is any time in my life I want to remember and cherish it is now during this transition from a family of three to a family of four.  My goal is to make everyday special for my little guy in some way, especially until baby brother joins our crew.  I am currently learning (and trying) to put my future plans on hold to focus on my little family now.

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