A Mom’s Perspective on the Flint Hills International Children’s Festival

{Disclosure: We’re thrilled to partner with our sponsors The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts to tell you all about their annual event: Flint Hills International Children’s Festival, happening this weekend. This is an inside look at the event from a local mom. Read more about the event in a previous post here.}

For the past 5 years, my husband and I have been taking our son(s), ages 6 and 4, to the Flint Hills International Children’s Festival because it packs so many different activities into a single event. Our kids love the outdoor activities, which have included: arts and crafts, magic shows, storytellers, music, and dancing. As parents, we love how the festival incorporates cultural education elements into almost every aspect. So even if they don’t realize it, our kids are interacting and engaging with other kids from different backgrounds, they’re learning about other cultures, and discovering things that they wouldn’t at other events.

A Mom’s Perspective on the Flint Hills International Children’s Festival | Twin Cities Moms Blog

We have a few friends with children around the same age, and the festival makes it easy for us to meet in a safe environment where our kids can feel free to be themselves. They’re encouraged to laugh, play, and just be a kid. We never worry if they’re having a good time, because we don’t have time to! We’re too busy being pulled from the story teller tent to the acrobat performance, and then to the indoor shows. Full disclosure: Even though they’re tailored for kids, I’ve seen shows at the festival that were better than the “grown up” shows I’ve seen at other theaters.

The location in Rice Park/the Ordway is incredibly convenient. We drive in from Savage, but our friends have taken advantage of the free rides from Metro Transit. There’s always an eclectic lineup of food trucks (but there are tons of restaurants nearby if you need to take a break), and you can make a full day out of this event easily.


When you think of “free” events as a parent, you typically expect something that was put together at the last minute, the activities aren’t that much fun, and your kids are bored after 20 minutes. But that has never been our experience at the Flint Hills International Children’s Festival. It always looks and feels like an event that was put together by people who know what they’re doing and who care about providing art education to kids. From the musicians and artists to the staff and volunteers, everyone is there to make it an unforgettable experience that’s full of energy, excitement, and fun!

Tickets for the indoor shows are just $5, which is a steal! We’ve seen performances of classic stories like Where the Wild Things Are and Alice in Wonderland, watched acrobats and gymnasts soar through the air, and laughed until our sides hurt with puppeteers who incorporated digital technology to add a new dimension to traditional puppeteering. Each of the shows encourage the audience to participate, to react, and to encourage the performers. Kids aren’t told to “sit down and be quiet” here, they’re expected to use the edge of their seat as a stepping stone into a new world where their voice and their imagination can have an impact.

For more information on the Flint Hills International Children’s Festival, see our previous post here.

Tickets can be purchased by visiting
The Ordway’s Website HERE.

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