Get in the Game with Post Cereals this Summer

Our partners at Post Cereals are bringing a whole lot of soccer FUN to the Twin Cities! From big games to giveaways, we're sharing how you and your family can experience soccer in a whole new way this summer!

Get in the Game with Post Cereals this Summer | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Pre-K soccer is the best entertainment. You know how these four-year old soccer games go… you have the mass of players moving in a blob formation from one end of the field to the other in a zigzag pattern. Even the kids on the outside ring of the mass are kicking for the ball when it’s in the center, not close to their tiny cleats at all. Thank goodness for XS shinguards to save those legs from bruises!

Soon someone makes contact with the ball and they all run off in the same direction. Someone is a little faster and scores. They all cheer and jump up and down with excitement even though the kid who scored did it in the other team’s goal. 

My pre-k daughter is a lover of soccer. She loves to run fast and cheer on her teammates. She eagerly participates in the blob, and when she’s the one who manages to break the ball away to score a goal, she runs back up the field, wipes sweat from her forehead, finds my eyes and holds up her fingers to show me how many goals she’s scored. (We’ll work on being humble another day.)

Soccer is a family affair for us! When her game is over, she gets to sit through her older brother’s game. Her team’s post-game treats don’t quite fill her up, so I always have another snack on hand. I often pour dry Post Cereals® into a container or baggie because it’s the type of snack that travels well, refuels her body after a big game, and it takes a long time to eat! Whether it’s Honey Bunches of Oats®, Fruity Pebbles®, or other favorites, these cereals are great for an on-the-go treat.

Soccer has become one of our family’s most treasured past times together. Whether it’s running down the field alongside our kids or cheering loud and proud from the sidelines, the five of us have made many memories at the field. 

Are you a soccer family too? Check this out!

Starting in June, limited edition Major League Soccer (MLS) cereal boxes can be found at grocery stores across the country. These boxes feature Topps® MLS player trading card cut-outs. Your kids are sure to love these cards of their favorite soccer stars!

In celebration of this exciting partnership, Post Cereals & the MLS are bringing you Major League Soccer Experience family friendly events! These FREE events include: cereal sampling, a soccer plinko game, limited quantities of temporary tattoos, a soccer photo opportunity and an inflatable soccer kick activity. See details below to visit an event near you:

July 7th: Cub Foods – 585 Northtown Drive, Blaine, MN (10a-2pm) 
July 21st: Cub Foods – 10881 University Ave NE, Blaine, MN (10a -2pm) 

Join us for the BIG event… the Schwan’s Cup!

Did you know that Minnesota is home to “the greatest youth soccer experience in the Western hemisphere?!” The Schwan’s Cup is a HUGE deal in our state – make a family day out of this incredible event and visit our partners at Post Cereals for some extra fun!

Date: July 13-15th

Location: Blaine, MN

What: Post Cereal is putting on a daily Breakfast Party with the same activities as mentioned above that will be at the parking lot events.

Attendance: Over 16,000 participants from 1,168 teams from across the world – 17 states and 15 countries. Estimated 206,000 spectators, players, coaches, referees and volunteers visit the tournament.

Post Cereals Location at Tournament: in the Activities Hub

And don’t forget… catch us LIVE to win big!

Visit our TCMB Facebook page to watch our Facebook Live video on Friday, June 29th where we will be giving away TWO Soccer Mom Survival Kits courtesy of Post Cereals! This package includes everything you need to take your soccer mom game to the next level including cereals, first aid items, coupons, and more! Don’t miss out – watch our live video to see how to enter!
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