Your Groceries, Delivered by Your Neighbor

{Disclosure: There are a multitude of reasons why people choose to shop local – including encouraging community prosperity, reducing environmental impact and just an overall feeling of giving back to the community in which you live. That’s why we love to feature and talk about our local partners here at Twin Cities Mom Blog, and are thrilled to do so with CobornsDelivers!}

We’ve shared why we love the quality of products from our partners at CobornsDelivers, but what we haven’t shared is one of the most magical parts of the experience shopping with them. In a world of technology and automation, CobornsDelivers truly delivers a one-of-a-kind, personal customer experience.

The number one reason customers choose to shop with CobornsDelivers is for convenience. The luxury of shopping online in minutes, not standing in lines at the grocery store and having everything you need delivered right to your door. Even as an online company designed to simplify people’s lives by offering convenience and time-saving, the value of the personal interaction with customers is highly regarded. The only personal interaction that takes place during a typical order is if you’re at your home or business when they deliver your groceries – and that’s precisely why the team at CobornsDelivers wants this part of the shopping experience to be where the magic happens.

The grocery delivery drivers – or Neighborhood Service Reps – are one of the most unique and noteworthy features of the service. I can tell you from experience, it truly feels like your goods are being delivered by your neighbor. These men and women are known for going the ‘extra mile’ – above and beyond the 3,400 square mile service area they serve. All 80 of these drivers are employee owners and empowered to do what it takes to deliver outstanding service. Each driver attends a rigorous training where it’s explained that there are customer service standards intended to merely meet customer expectations and then there is customer experience – all which is perceived, understood and ultimately remembered. It’s the memorable experiences that foster loyalty and create brand ambassadors.

Your Groceries, Delivered by Your Neighbor | Twin Cities Moms Blog

And going the extra mile shows – every day – when their office receives an average of two unsolicited customer compliments solely about the drivers. It also shows when the results of the annual survey come in and over 90% of customers are likely to recommend the service to others.

These men and women are known to be a bright spot in customer’s days. The Neighborhood Service Representatives are empowered to care for customer needs as they see them – assisting customers with getting groceries to a preferred location in the home or business, running to the store to replace missed or damaged items and calling the Customer Relations team on behalf of the customer. They are known for lending a helping hand – from emptying salt bags into water softeners, sharing the latest news about the products or service and even bringing treats for their furry friends!

Many people find out about CobornsDelivers when they are going through a major life event – such as having a baby, a family illness/injury or starting a new job. As many of us moms know the common saying “it takes a village” –many can’t help but count this service as part of their village!

CobornsDelivers does offer unattended deliveries, but many families can’t wait to see the friendly faces of CobornsDelivers when their groceries arrive. They even let you see a picture and bio of which Neighborhood Service Rep is headed your way on the day of delivery!

In a world where customer service so often feels robotic, CobornsDelivers brings an experience that is a cut above the rest, personalized and truly feels like the local company they are proud to be.

Hear what CobornsDelivers Customers are saying:

“I placed an order on Saturday for delivery on Sunday. I live on the third floor without an elevator. I mentioned to your driver that I had surgery on Monday morning and he asked if I needed help to get my garbage or recycling brought out seeing he was going down all of the steps. I appreciated the offer and I have told at least 11 other friends about the kind driver. Thanks for hiring such a nice driver.”

“Please thank our driver for putting our groceries inside the garage. I don’t request that because leaving them outside is fine, but seeing them inside instead of under 6″ of new snow last week was a delight.”

“Driver was exceptional.  He had a great attitude and was very helpful. He asked if he could carry the heavy stuff to the kitchen for her and that really helped her a lot.”

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