An Argument for High-Waisted Jeans

An Argument for High-Waisted Jeans | Twin Cities Moms Blog

As moms, we all likely know about “mom jeans” – in fact, Saturday Night Live made a big deal about them awhile back with this hilarious video.

And guess what? They are totally back in style. Well, not exactly. But high-waisted jeans are very popular. I know many will scoff at this statement, so I put together my argument for the high-waisted jean. Please see below, and decide for yourself!

An Argument for High-Waisted Jeans | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Benefits of the mom jean high-waisted jean:
1. They are extremely comfortable. There really is no additional explanation needed for this point.

2. There is almost 0% risk you won’t have an exposed crack or underwear when you bend over. I know as I chase my son around the playground or sit on the floor at different playgroups, I’m always worried about my jeans coming down too low in the back. And you know why that is? Two reasons: 1) they haven’t been washed in a really long time so they’re stretched out, and 2) they aren’t high-waisted jeans.

3. They hold things together in the stomach region. Most of you are likely moms that birthed a child or two. We can workout all we want, but it’s very likely that bearing a child leaves you with a small amount of excess skin that you cannot get rid of. Nor should you try to because who honestly has time for that. When you wear low-rise jeans, that special pudge can spill over your jeans. With high-waisted jeans, they hold everything nicely together.

4. They’re on trend. I realize this means nothing to some people, but for those that like to know what’s trendy in the fashion world, this is it.

If you’ve bought into this, here are a few of my favorites I’m eyeing right now.
one / two / three / four

An Argument for High-Waisted Jeans | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Did my argument convince you? Can you see yourself wearing this trend?

2 Responses to An Argument for High-Waisted Jeans

  1. Megan Gilmore October 6, 2016 at 9:02 PM #

    Love your fasion tips and totally agree with every point here 🙂 Also, love your jacket in this post. Where’s it from?!

  2. Laura October 7, 2016 at 2:49 PM #

    I am totally a fan of the high-waisted jean! I am also a fan of your jacket. that color is so great for fal! please share where you got it! 🙂

    XO Lo

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