Holiday Cookies and Treats for the Lazy Mom

There are certain Christmas staples in our house, things we MUST do every year: go see the lights, wear Christmas pajamas, watch White Christmas, Christmas Vacation, and Elf, and make and decorate Christmas cookies. I remember sitting at the kitchen table in my parents’ house meticulously decorating each Christmas cookie like it was a one-of-a-kind unique piece of art! My mom would spend vast amounts of time during December making massive batches of different kinds of cookies that we could give to neighbors and friends for the holidays. In the spirit of keeping traditions alive, I attempted to do the same last year! 

…it sucked.

HOW?! How? But seriously, how? How do these super moms have time to make seven different batches of cookies while their kids are running through the kitchen chasing each other and screaming and knocking over bags of flour and trying to eat massive spoonfuls of baking soda because they think it’s sugar?! And that’s my attempt at “involving” them in the baking process!

One. I’ll make one batch of cookies with them and let them be messy and sticky, but anymore and I’ll lose my sanity. But I still need those cookies to give away. While a cookie exchange is a good option, I still want to include my kids in the tradition of cookie and treat-making. I just don’t want them to make a a massive mess every. single. time. I don’t want to feel stressed out doing it either. I want it to be fun! So, I scoured Pinterest.

Pinterest has a bad rap amongst moms because there are “Pinterest Moms” who hand make these elaborate birthday parties for their kids from nothing but recycled baby food jars, scrap ribbon, and glitter. But there are other moms out there on Pinterest like me… Lazy Pinterest Moms. Those are the moms looking for shortcuts… for everything. We’re the moms hot gluing fabric together instead of sewing it, throwing cans of soup and pasta into a crock pot instead of sautéing it gently over medium heat. We’re the ones downloading all the freebies that the real Pinterest Moms make because we’re lazy and don’t have the time.

So if you’re a lazy mom like me who wants to give your kids the Christmas cookie experience, but wants a shortcut from alllllllll the baking, then you’re in luck! Here are some easy treats that don’t require combining wet and dry ingredients. So fire up the microwave and get “baking!”


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