If You Give a Mom a Break

If You Give a Mom a Break | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Inspired by the book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” by Laura Numeroff.

Who needs a break? Well, we all do! What happens when you actually get that break? Specifically, an unexpected break with little time to plan? I’ll tell you what happens to me, and it’s not pretty. Ok, let me back up and first say, I am so thankful for any sort of break. However, when it comes down to it, planning time for myself isn’t as easy as it sounds. I tend to start out determined, with a grand list. Many lovely (child-free) ideas in my head that I imagine squeezing into one break… has really only happened in a dream I had recently. It was nice! Anyone with me? However, when I don’t have time to really plan, my break tends to turn into something that leaves me wanting… a break again. Kind of like a comeback from my failure of a break.

So, a typical break? Inspired by a book loved by my children, goes something like this…

If you give a Mom a break, she probably won’t refuse. She’ll make a list of all the things she needs and wants to do.

If You Give a Mom a Break | Twin Cities Moms Blog

When she sits and stares at that list (haircut, massage, long shower…), she’ll probably need some coffee. Once she makes that nice warm cup, she’ll definitely need a snack. Like the ones she hides from little hands, before they quickly attack.

After a snack and slow coffee sips, she’ll probably need a nap. Before her nap she tells herself, “I’ll clean up just a bit.” When she cleans she sees the dirt and mess, and just can’t let that sit. She wipes counters, cleans up toys and decides to mop real quick.

When she’s done, she lets out a yawn and spots a pillow to lay her head down on. When she shuts her eyes for just a moment, she’ll dream about her list. And when she wakes to really get things done, the day is almost gone!

With little time left, she quickly rushes around – the tick of the clock telling her that in just a few hours, the kids will be homebound!

When she rushes, she tends to stress out, getting nothing done. She quickly stops to prioritize and heads to have some fun. She drives to the store all by herself, to walk the aisles alone. Finally leaving, realizing all the frivolous items she’s taking home. Wondering why she even went, and all the money she just spent.

And when she gets home to join the fam, she just might ask for a break very soon again.

So, Mothers: when you get a break, please don’t refuse. Just make a list of all the things you really need for YOU!

What did your last unexpected break look like? Was this silly story your reality, like it is so often mine? Or, did you make you the priority? Not the house, not the groceries… YOU!

Think about it and share your break success story or your glorious comeback after a failed attempt.

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