It’s… P E R F E C T


Just as we all see color a little differently, we all see PERFECT differently. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get into any conversations about whether the dress was blue or white… it was perfect, let’s just leave it there.

I am noticing an interesting trend though – society somewhat turning it’s back on a dictionary definition that leaves us wondering who or what the word was meant for.

per • fect


a. being entirely without fault or defect.

b. satisfying all requirements.


In some ways, anything and everything can always be better, so when I read this definition its hard for me to believe anyone has ever experienced “perfect”, as defined above.

We are surrounded by beautiful imperfections that give us warm fuzzies inside. Our child’s messy art, toys strewn about, an old wooden bench that is now on high demand in any furniture boutique, that broken down barn that has been revived as a backdrop at many weddings, cracked tiles, chipped paint or finger prints on the wall that “tell a story”… everyone on Instagram wants to hear about and add to their Pinterest boards. Ripped jeans, messy buns, rugged pallets being sold for big bucks… As defined, none of this is perfect.  But in reality, wise old Mr. Webster cannot define your “perfect”.

I love teaching my children about this idea of seeing perfection in unexpected ways. I think it’s vital for our soul to know that perfect is all around us, even when society tells us it’s not.

My girls are really into puzzles and we have one favorite puzzle that I found for the unbeatable price of $1, at a garage sale this summer. We got home, put it together and discovered that it had two stop signs and one of them was located where a tire should be. Opps, manufacturing error. Instead of running back to the garage sale and demanding my hard earned $1 back, we giggled and said, “that’s interesting, and probably very hard to drive.”  But once it was completed, like many things with toddlers, they jumped up with excitement and said, “it’s perfect!”.


Perfection as defined, and combined with our own perception of perfection, is as if two worlds collide. What is perfect to one could be far from perfect to another and is definitely not exactly how it is defined in any book. So give yourself a break, embrace your perfect and try to look beyond the dictionary definition and societies expectations.

Know that when you seek an unrealistic “perfect”, you may be covering up the real perfection that naturally happens around us. The perfectly planned 2nd Birthday that fell apart because, well… two year olds tend to fall apart when you least expect it. That perfect dinner party you had laid out in your head that just left you stressed and tired. That perfect Santa experience you were confidently hoping for with your little ones, who just ended up kicking and screaming. C’mon, that’s hilarious and frankly, perfect. You know that temporary disappointing feeling you have during these moments? They take away from the perfection that is happening all around you. We may not have seen it at the time but that 2nd birthday was absolutely perfect, your dinner party couldn’t have been more perfect, and let’s be real – Santa has been kicked and screamed at by more strangers than possibly anyone and we all know those moments make much better photos.

Here’s a reminder for you all. The perfection that lies within us and surrounds us, is defined uniquely by us. Take a step back and inhale all that is life and know that each piece of your puzzle may not fit just right. It may take time to complete or it may never be complete. Pieces go missing, occasionally break and may actually be made wrong (like a stop sign for a bus wheel). Enjoy the process, love the full picture and embrace those little imperfections.

and know that in the end…

it’s | P E R F E C T |


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