Oh, the Joy of Tantrums

My son, Jude, being a one-year old and totally independent, has taken it upon himself to let us know everything that he doesn’t like. I always wondered when the ‘tantrum stage’ would begin and for some reason the terrible two’s phrase was what I thought. Jude is not yet talking except with calling everything “dada” (how annoying is that?) and answering, “What sound does a motorcycle make?” with, “VROOM VROOM.” He quickly learned how to get a reaction out of my husband and me, and what to do when he doesn’t get his way.

It started a few weeks ago when I would run upstairs to our kitchen and Jude would hold the bars of the safety gate in his hands and slam his head into it. Those are metal bars! He wanted me to look at him and hold him. The next time it happened was when I was at work and my husband came to visit. Jude looked at me through a window and started hitting his head on the window again for me to give him attention. Wherever we were, if he wanted more eyes on him, he would start hitting his head on things. Where do they even learn this stuff?

Him hitting his head was so hard to see. Do you run over and make him stop so he doesn’t injure himself? Do you ignore it and hope he doesn’t get hurt? Jude happens to be pretty tough, so I settled with giving him ‘the look’ and turning my head the other way. He fussed that I didn’t give in, but eventually this little phase has slowed down.

Of course, the tantrums change over time and now he throws his hands around, throws food, and has an awful (and, unfortunately, very cute) winey fake cry. His little one-year old self cannot handle me taking away his toothbrush or not letting him play with a pop can. Today he winey-cried his way to sleep after I caught him dipping his newly washed sweatshirt in the toilet and swinging it around. I have so many toys for the kid, and he wants to play in the toilet.

Now that I am apparently a toddler mom, life changes. I need some animal crackers on hand at all times, a pacifier before I leave the house, and a noisy toy to shove in his hands the moment he looks at something he is not supposed to play with. Jude really is a good boy, and he is happy and content 95% of the time. I am figuring out the 5% a little more everyday.

Oh, the Joy of Tantrums | Twin Cities Moms Blog

I think that it is so important for parents to let their children know the difference between right and wrong from a young age. Jude knows what he is not allowed to touch, and like most toddlers, he still touches it some days. But, even at one, he KNOWS he shouldn’t touch it. New moms and old moms alike are in good company when it comes to tantrums. We’ve got this!

If any of you mamas have tips on tantrums or a funny story about your little one, please share!

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