Joyful in January (Affirmations Jar)

Joyful in January (Affirmations Jar) | Twin Cities Moms Blog

I keep a jar of affirmations on top of the Ikea key cubby in our entryway. The jar is next to an intention that reads, 

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters in the end.

The intention is a little cliche, but I’ve found that the smallest positive inspiration can change my entire outlook, and by extension, my experiences. And sometimes I just need a little encouragement as I leave to start my day.

I’ve used an affirmations jar for years. It helps so much, especially in the winter months, when it’s cold and black and bleak. The affirmations jar boosts my confidence. In using it, I also hope it reinforces my daughters’ confidence. 

Plus, in January when everyone is making resolutions, I find it easy to be self-critical. Having an affirmations jar is my reminder to show kindness to myself, especially as I consider changes. 

Affirmation jars are easy to make. An easy-cut, printable DIY version is available here: affirmations-printable. Otherwise, print this page and cut between the affirmations, creating strands. Fold each strand in half and put it in a jar. Pull a strand from the jar each day and read it to yourself. Reread the strand as often as you need throughout the day. 

I am strong

I am smart

I am curious

I am loved, and I love others

I am brave

I am adventurous

I keep an open mind

I am right where I am meant to be

I will conquer today

I am kind

I am forgiving

I am at peace with myself  

I can make a big impact

I create my own happiness

I am creative

I believe in myself

I am fearless

I nourish my body and soul

I make mistakes and I grow

I am not afraid to fail

I am not afraid to apologize

I am gentle to all things

I am grateful

I am special

I am present

I welcome new opportunities 

I am luminous 

I trust

I am confident

I have faith

I am whole

I radiate energy and health

I listen intently 

I am energetic 

I am calm and open

My spirit, mind, and body heal

I am decisive

I am not alone 

I am intuitive and wise

I am tough

I am patient

I am generous

I am courageous

I am fulfilled

May your January be filled with joy.

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