Let’s Have A Girls Night Out… Or In?

A couple weeks ago, I was at a business lunch when I saw a group of older ladies come in. You could tell that they were close friends getting together for lunch. It made me miss my girlfriends back home and couldn’t help but imagine that would be us in thirty years.

We need our girlfriends. When we are in crisis or just need some girl time, we go to our closest girlfriends. It might be a childhood friend, someone you met in college or a friend you met through your now husband. However you met, you have a group of ladies you go to when you need some girl time.

No matter how much time passes, whenever you all get together it’s like you just saw each other yesterday. You miss them when they are not there to experience something that reminds you of them. It’s such a great feeling to know that these groups of girls will drop everything to make sure they are available for you. And, you would do the same for them.

Now that we are older, the variety of things we do has changed. Long gone are the days where we got all dolled up to go dancing every weekend, but we still reminisce about them. Every once in a LONG while, we attempt to go dancing except many of us can’t last past our normal bed times.

Let's Have A Girls Night Out... Or In? | Twin Cities Moms Blog

It’s not about what we do anymore, it’s all about making sure we get together with or without kids to keep that connection going. It’s more than just meeting up for our birthdays, it’s making sure we can get refreshed by spending time in each other’s company.

Most get togethers now end up being a Girls Night In (kids always welcome). The best ones, by far, are when we try to plan a certain theme with our meals. When I say “theme,” it’s about what we are craving! Everyone brings some wine and food to share, and I can’t think of anytime where we haven’t ended up feeling we should do this more often.

Schedules get busy, but we try to do something at least once every few months. Otherwise, we all feel like we go through withdrawals. If something comes up where a friend is in need, I love the fact that we all try to be the support system that only girlfriends can fulfill. I love my girlfriends because they are always on my side. I can vent and complain, and they will listen and agree, but they are also not afraid to tell me how it is or make me look at it in a different way.

To my girlfriends, you make me realize I have my #squad for life. Even though we don’t see each other as often as we’d like and a few have moved away, I can’t think of a better group of girlfriends I can go out on a scheduled lunch with when we are older to catch up on old times and discuss our days. 

You are an important part of my support system and I hope you know I am yours. Don’t hesitate to come to me when you need me because that is what I am here for.

Let's Have A Girls Night Out... Or In? | Twin Cities Moms Blog

I WILL ALWAYS make time for you because that is how much you mean to me. 

I WILL ALWAYS be honest with you because your happiness is important to me.

I WILL ALWAYS encourage you because I see your potential in everything you do.

I WILL ALWAYS laugh with you because to me your jokes are funny.

I WILL ALWAYS cry with you because it’s okay to cry when you need to.

I WILL ALWAYS defend you because I will always have your back.

I WILL ALWAYS be there for you because that’s what friends do.

So ladies, you know who these girlfriends are in your life. Appreciate and treasure the time you have with them because these relationships are what keep me sane.

Put a get together on the schedule or send a quick text, or even call someone. Tell them how much they mean to you because I want what I saw at lunch a couple weeks ago. I want my group of girlfriends to be able to meet for lunch once our kids are all grown and we may be retired. These are the girlfriends I know will be there for me forever no matter the distance or time in between us all.

So when is our next girls night?

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