Living Through a Kitchen Remodel with Kids

We have been undergoing a kitchen remodel on our own home since November 1st, and we still have a couple more months to go until completion. And like all remodels, one thing has led to another so now we’re basically remodeling the entire main level and adding a bathroom into the basement. 

Remodeling can be stressful and really emotional. Especially when you’re doing it with kids. Last summer we remodeled for a couple different large families, both in which had small children. Both families were beyond amazing to work with and made it feel like a breeze. And now, here we are living in the midst of the chaos and I can officially say they are even bigger saints! 

We’re kind of enjoying this though because now moving forward we can officially say with sincerity that we know what they’re going through, and hopefully we can help guide them or do a few more things for them to make it a smoother process.

So if you’re going through a remodel with your family or will be soon, I wanted to share a few tips with you on how to hopefully go through one and stay sane like we are trying to do and our clients did.

Because I mean…look at this hot mess… 

Living Through a Kitchen Remodel with Kids | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Living Through a Kitchen Remodel with Kids | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Be Flexible

My husband and I are both pretty laid back people when it comes to rolling with the punches. I think most of us moms are because at any second we have to learn how to adapt and make changes on the fly. 

When remodeling, anything can come up! And I mean anything. You never know what you’re going to uncover in a wall, depending on who you hire you never know if they’re going to show up, what the inspector might say, the city, you name it. You have to be able to adapt, go with the flow, and trust your contractor. 

And if you aren’t one to adapt, you may want to pack up your kids and leave town. One of our clients did that this summer for a couple months during the really messy months. Luckily, her parents let her and her three kids come home for that time. Not all of us are that lucky or can tolerate living back at home for that long. haha! 

Living Through a Kitchen Remodel with Kids | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Involve Your Kids

It’s actually been really cool to see how much Greyson has already learned by watching what we’ve been doing. Jamie told me the other day that he asked Greyson to go grab some of his tools and he listed them off to him. He was busy working and was halfway joking and not paying attention and then all of a sudden Greyson comes back carrying exactly what he asked for. He was amazed! Not many three-year olds would know what a specific hammer is. 

As much as possible we are always trying to involve Greyson or at least talk through what we are working on. It’s been really cool to watch him do and talk about what his daddy loves. 

If you aren’t physically doing the remodel you can involve them by cleaning the rest of the home, making a game out of it, or even creating a family mood board. We did this and it was a lot of fun! We got magazines out, pictures, glue and paper and created an inspo mood board for what we were doing to the kitchen. This wasn’t just the overall look of what we wanted the space to be, but also why we were working so hard for it. We put in pictures of our families, reminding ourselves of moments we’ll be creating in this space for hopefully a lifetime to come. 

Living Through a Kitchen Remodel with Kids | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

We set up a temporary kitchen in our laundry room with our crock pots and griddles and we have been eating at home just as much as we did before. And it’s actually made meal times a lot smoother because I’m so much more planned out than before.

Most nights prior I was kinda just winging it and throwing things together when I got home. Now I actually have to plan out our meals and meal plan (which I think is honestly saving us a ton of money too) and throw everything into the crockpot before I leave for the day. Then when I get home, dinner is made. I may just keep this mentality once we get our kitchen back!

Living Through a Kitchen Remodel with Kids | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Stay Safe

Most importantly, make sure you stay clean, organized and safe. In the midst of the chaos, clutter starts to get everywhere. Try to stay as messy organized as you can and keep the baby gates up and the danger zones known to them. We pollied off our kitchen with polly that you actually can zip closed and shut for the “doorway” so Greyson knows that he needs to be with mommy or daddy to go into the danger zone.

Drink Alcohol

And finally, drink wine! If you don’t, you may want to start. Joking! But in all seriousness, sometimes you just need to sit back, relax, throw your hands up in the air, laugh it off and have a glass of wine. This is probably easier said than done by me because this is what I do with my husband everyday and we’ve learned to laugh things off A LOT.  

In all honesty, once you are in the midst of your remodel and there are things happening that you’re not comfortable with around your children, talk to your contractor. I’m certain they’ll adjust and help you out. They’re on your team and you’re all in it for one common goal: to create a beautiful space for you and your family to create a lifetime of memories within. 

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