Lovin’ On Our Earth

Lovin' On Our Earth | Twin Cities Moms Blog

My daughter is a sky watcher. My son is a dirt digger. As a family, we love to be outside in nature. It’s our happy place – our place of strength, healing, joy and adventures. In honor of Earth Day, I give you the wise words of children (mine and those of some close friends) when I asked them to tell me why they love our earth:

I love it when there’s a whole moon. Look Mommy, it’s almost whole now! (age 3 1/2)

Hi birdies! Where the birdies go? <shoulder shrug> Cheep cheep. Bye birdies. (age 22 months)

Because it provides very many things and helps everybody. (age 8)

Hmmm…it’s our home. (age 6)

Grass. (age 10)

I love the earth because it has great grass for me to poop on. And, squirrels. (age 45, in dog years)

I like the earth because it grows trees that have apples on them that I can eat and they are so yummy. (age 5)

Having a mommy and a daddy. (age 7)

The lakes and the weeping willows. (age 11)

Lovin' On Our Earth | Twin Cities Moms Blog

That, that, that, um…I love about the earth that we can go to the park! I also love that all my friends are on earth. (age 5)

I love the earth because I can play baseball on it. (age 12)

Because there are flowers. (age 4)

I don’t know. Outside. Trees. (age 13)

Because there is food to eat from the plants. (age 6)

I love earth because it has all the people I love on it. There’s lots of good in the world where we’re here to share kindness. I really like all of earth’s nature – the trees, rivers, flowers and oceans. I love going treasure hunting because there are so many cool things in nature. (age 10)

And there you have it – kids, and the earth, are awesome. I encourage you to ask your kids why they love our earth. You’ll be delighted by their responses I’m sure!

Lovin' On Our Earth | Twin Cities Moms Blog

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