9 Must Knows to Make Your Pregnancy Comfortable

Hello baby #2, here we come! With our first pregnancy we were so overwhelmed by everything we had to do that when it came to things like finding a doctor, insurance, getting the room ready, and all that fun stuff, I had zero time to listen to my body and think about things I needed for comfort.

9 Must Knows to Make Your Pregnancy Comfortable | Twin Cities Moms Blog

I’m not sure why, but I held off for a very long time on things like maternity clothes, granny panties, etc. But this time around, there are a handful of things that I learned with my first pregnancy that I’m doing a lot quicker with my second, and I want to share with all you prego mommas (especially first timers) because it will change your life, and you will be so much happier faster. 

Mac- N- Cheese

Buy your food, girl! And don’t let anyone judge you. When you first find out you’re pregnant, there are a lot of things that cross your mind like what the baby needs and all things medical that you need to get in line. But don’t forget about yourself! The cravings will come, and they will come fast and furious! I think everyone craves different foods, but boy-oh-boy, there is nothing that has soothed my stomach like some good ‘ol 95-cent mac-n-cheese. Let me tell you- this has been my saving grace. And I always make sure to have about five boxes on hand. Because sometimes one box doesn’t do the trick. 

Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes. I waited on maternity clothes until almost the last trimester with my first. And once I caved, I was like what in the heck was I thinking?! They are so amazing and cute! And if you think they aren’t stylish, you best get your booty to H&M because they are loaded with adorable maternity clothes. And it is SO much more comfortable than walking around with your pants unbuttoned. Or your muffin top really exploding! Ugh. 

9 Must Knows to Make Your Pregnancy Comfortable | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Granny Panties

Heck to the yes. See ya later thongs. Granny panties will become your new best friend. I was told this with my first pregnancy and I remember thinking, “Oh please. I am not going to become that for my husband,” and I held off until my third trimester. And then I quickly realized that was insane! It was AMAZING!!! So you bet your bottom dollar I broke those babies out the day I found out I was prego round two. Sorry hubby. 

Pregnancy Pillow

Oh my goodness, this will change your life. My sister gave me her pregnancy pillow to borrow round one and it had me sleeping like a baby, except for when I had to get up and pee twice a night. My hubs isn’t a fan being it takes up half of the bed, but hey- it makes his wife a happier person. Being pregnant is super uncomfortable a lot of the time so anything that brings you comfort is worth the investment. And this pillow will have you sleeping in comfort all night long. 

Essential Oils

Lavender is my new best friend. For this pregnancy I have felt a lot more nauseous than my first. While preparing for labor with my first, a friend gave me a lavender stick to use during labor. I’ll be totally honest- I usually don’t really believe in this kinda stuff, I’m more of an Ibuprofen kinda girl. But this stick really did do wonders. And now with my second pregnancy, when almost every smell makes me want to puke, this baby does the trick. I put essential oils on my neck every morning and night, and they totally calm my soul and my stomach. 

9 Must Knows to Make Your Pregnancy Comfortable | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Not Obsessing Over Labor

Don’t stress- you’ll forget all about it, with minutes actually- haha! With my first, I was constantly having nightmares and stressing over the labor part. I was seriously scared to death. I have always wanted a large family and I had been stressing and dreading labor far before I even met my husband.

I am a girl who passes out at the sight of blood, and I cannot get a shot without crying. So thinking about delivering a baby scared the living crap out of me! But honestly, like many moms say, we can’t explain it, but you really do forget about it all. My first labor was a nightmare and I’m still saying to not stress. After 15 hours of pushing, I ended up getting a c-section because Greyson’s heartbeat kept dropping and my blood pressure was extremely high. In the end, you get this absoloutely beautiful baby that you have no idea how you created, and I’m telling you- from a momma who is scared of all things pain- you get through it and it’s totally worth it. Oh, and I puked for two hours straight after labor. So this time around, instead of stressing about the little things (like getting cut open again), I’m trying to enjoy all the moments and the surprise I get in the end.


Heartburn and gas. Ugh. I don’t care if you don’t want to admit it but it happens. And there’s no stopping it- haha! I always have Tums on hand. I never got heartburn until my first pregnancy and I am someone who had never farted in front of her husband until labor with our first child! Oh my. That’s a whole other story. So trust me, have some Tums on hand, and they will become your new best friend in times of need! 


Your skin will stretch, and although I don’t know what the key to avoiding stretch marks is, I know what maybe worked for me- or maybe it was just luck. But during our first pregnancy, I oiled my entire body up with bio oil day and night. It’s not just your belly that stretches but if your unlucky like me your booty and boobies will quadruple in size as well. And second time around, everything becomes larger MUCH quicker. So lube that baby bump up to give your skin some loving! 

9 Must Knows to Make Your Pregnancy Comfortable | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Sensitive Gums

I actually just learned this the second time around, but I do remember with my first having super sensitive gums. And I guess being pregnant creates this, who would have known! So now I’ve been using Sensodyne toothpaste and always have floss in my purse. Using floss and sensitivity toothpaste have has been my saving grace! 

Hope you can take a tip or two to use and be a little bit more comfortable with your pregnancy! What is your saving grace to being comfortable while pregnant? Leave a comment and please do tell! We mommas need all the help we can get in these long 10 months…

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