Meet the Contributors: Melissa




Married to: Nick

Kids: Georgia (2.5), Jude (6 months)

Lives In: Eden Prairie

Favorite Indulgence: Australian licorice

Favorite Hair Product: What’s a hair product? Do binders and headbands count?

Go-to Coffee Shop Drink: Latte with half shot of big as they come!

Mom Moment You Never Expected: My water breaking with Jude….profusely…several times! How in the heck can we hold that much water?!

Favorite Thing About the Twin Cities: a fantastic place to raise kids, the food scene, the lakes, the people…I could go on:)

What Do You Love About Being on the TCMB Team? I’m teamed up with some of the coolest, most genuine mamas around..truly.


For a full listing of Melissa’s TCMB posts, click HERE.  You can also find her on her own blog, Nourished Peach, where she shares the most amazing recipes!

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