Military Appreciation Month: I Thank You

May marks the month we appreciate and celebrate our military.

To decide to serve your country through the military can be an easy, and yet not so easy a decision for many. 

I appreciate each and every person who has joined the military, regardless of branch, you are doing something to ensure the people of the United States are as safe as can be, and on top of that, you are protecting others while you are deployed in the many countries our troops are in.

In my immediate family, I am proud to have my brother who is currently serving and my sister who is done serving. Both made their decisions to stay or leave for different reasons.

Both started with the military as a way to help them pay for school and made the decision knowing the years they would need to spend wherever they were asked to go to serve our country after they graduated.

My sister spent most of her years abroad and then stateside on base before she satisfied her commitment and made the decision to become a civilian.

My brother went a little different route. He attended one of the military academies and chose a route of medicine. After graduation, he continued through medical school and did his residency for one of the military hospitals. He is now starting his service with the military and is on his second assignment. He plans to stay in the military for his career.

Military Appreciation Month: I Thank You | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Every person makes their own personal decision on what route they pursue when they make the decision to join the military. I know some who enlisted straight after high school and stayed until retirement 20-30 years later. 

Not many get an assignment that keeps them in one place for their career. You don’t always get the assignments you ask for, you go where they need you the most. It takes you away from loved ones, not getting to see everyone until your assignment is over or you get a quick break to come home. I know my family thinks of my brother everyday, and we are so proud of his choice to serve.

No matter what your role is, every single job is important to what the military does for this country. Your duty is to protect every single American and non-American that needs our help.  

Know that if you are away from loved ones, we love you and think of you every day. We are proud of you and it amazes me everyday to know what you are doing.

There will be great days and there will be bad days. It’s in the nature of what you do, but know that you are supported and you are not alone.

Also, this is a special month to thank all the military who are no longer with us. Your bravery should not go unnoticed. We celebrate everyone who has served past and present. 

So this month of May, if you see someone in uniform, I encourage you to say hello and thank you. For the loved ones in your life in the service, send them a care package and tell them how you love and appreciate them.

For those who have lost a loved one, honor them for the life they lived.

I have respect for those who have chosen to serve. I hope and wish you continue to work hard to serve those who need it the most.

So with that, I want everyone to raise your glass, mug, or sippy cup, and give a big cheers and thank you to everyone who has served or is serving this country through our military.

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