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News flash: there is an epidemic spreading across the country. Have you heard about it? It’s taking us down one by one. Do you know what I am talking about? It’s called, “Help! I’m a mom and I’m in desperate need of a shower!” Now do you know what I’m talking about? 

All jokes aside, this is a real struggle. Before I was a mom, I washed my hair every…single…day. And you know what? Sometimes I washed it TWO TIMES A DAY! Oh the indulgence! If I woke up with the slightest funk in my hair or had a crease line from yesterday’s ponytail, into the shower I went to fix it. But in 2015, things got real for me when I had my son. It started out slow…and just now…two years later…I’m realizing I am that mom that washes her hair a couple times a week (note: that was a generous estimate). 

But while I know I could make strides to improve this epidemic (such as waking up verrrrry early in the morning every day), I am going to take another route and help a fellow mother out. I am going to bring to you my favorite mom hairstyles and in return, I ask that you share your favorite styles. 

The most important note of all is that they are all strongly accompanied by a heavy dose of dry shampoo. I love you, dry shampoo. Almost as much as I love my kid and hot coffee and guacamole and salty caramel gelato. Just to name a few. 

Here we go – let’s do this. 

  1. The “fresh out of bed beach waves”: When I used to be a hair perfectionist, if I woke up with a few hairs out-of-whack, I would shower immediately. But guess what? Embrace those crazy hairs and claim you’re going for a wind-blown look…and from my experience, my hair usually calms down after the first few hours of the day. 
  2. The “beloved top knot and it’s variations”: This style is my rock, my go-to, my tried-and-true. And the best part? It doesn’t even require that you brush your hair in the morning! Just simply pull all hair on top of your head and knot. There are many ways to go about it – I like to actually tie my hair in a knot on top of my head. Other people have tricks they do with their hair tie. No matter your method – this is a no-fuss hair style that can pull those crazy hairs together to look semi-polished. The added bonus? It works best on dirty hair. Score! 
  3. The “all I have time for is this hat”: When all else fails or you have no time to even think about hair in the morning before you have drop-off duty, a trusted hat will always do the trick. Especially in Minnesota winter, this looks great and can be worn all day whether you are inside or outside. 
  4. The “I’m a cool mom with a loose braid”: Full disclosure, I have yet to master this look. If you follow a bunch of mom bloggers on Instagram, you’re sure to find a tutorial out there on how to master the mom-braid. And I’m not talking about the tight braids we all wore as young kids. These are beautiful loose braids – sometimes they are braids within braids. It’s a little over my technical skill limit, but something to offer as an option. 
  5. The rare unicorn of freshly washed hair (usually aligns with the other rare unicorn…date night): We all know this one…or at least have a faint memory of this one. Enjoy it while it lasts! 

Do you have any additional styles for your go-to mom hair? I would love to hear your ideas! And if you have suggestions on the best dry shampoo, I would love to hear about that too! 

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