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A mantra. A sacred sound.

When I think of this sound I think of something that replenishes the mind, body and soul. Something that gives us breath, peace, unexpected joy, and keeps us calm. An elightening moment or feeling, keeping us grounded and wise and content with the world around us.

Sounds lovely.

Where can I find it?!

I recently took a yoga class and the music in the background, behind the voice of the motivating instructor, brought me to a place that I realized I needed to visit more often.

It’s not always easy to find, especially for us parents. But it is there.

I promise you!

I find it every now and then, and lately seek it more often now that I know how important it is. Or, I try to remind myself just how much I need it.

As a Mom, life is filled to the brim with more than just stuff. It’s overflowing with the intangible. Exhaustion, busy days keeping up with tiny feet, milestones, melt downs and big emotions. These things wear us out and blend together so seamlessly, like static. Static so thick, we can barely hear the perfect noises that crave our attention. It can be difficult finding peace and feeling calm… we can hardly hear the Om. It becomes an afterthought, a memory, a moment in time you always want back.

The tough realization is that this Om is one of the most important parts of our lives. In the moment it can be a blur and become background noise amidst the chaos and immediate necessities in life. It’s so important, yet we often let it get lost in it’s own dust and it gets buried. Buried so deep in our memories that the passing of time is the only way to dig it up.

This Om may not be a mantra as defined, but it’s a sound or sounds that make up our life in a particular moment, a moment that slips by so quickly we barely know it exists… because as parents, we are zoned in to our job and often dismiss what’s in our peripheral. Our dedication to the necessary tasks and challenges of parenting can easily overshadow the natural way life unfolds.

If you’re wondering what this Om is all about, just take a step back and look in from the outside… where you can see the beauty of your life while understanding the importance of your job.

  • It’s the sweet squeaks and coos of your newborn baby that you’ve rocked and rocked but cannot get her to sleep and all you want for yourself is sleep, and so much of it.
  • It’s the soft sounding movements of your restless newborn. Delicate toes and and little clothes rubbing together, just itching for your grace and understanding.
  • It’s the sucking sound on a nook or a favorite teether from your child who will not give the darn thing up!
  • It’s the grunts of strength and determination. The noises say, “My body may be small but my brain is powerful.” Your little one stretches, reaches, kicks, climbs and puts every ounce of energy into each day – leaving you wondering where your energy went.
  • It’s the pitter patter of little sweet feet running in the house with muddy toes. All you hear and see is the mess.
  • It’s the splish splash of happy hands spilling water out of the tub and all over the floor you just wiped up and can envision a child slipping on.
  • It’s the tiny voices asking over and over again for a snack. Voices that start with an innocent, “Mama?…” But all you hear is, “Snack? Snack? Snack?”
  • It’s the sniffles and stuffed up noses that tightly snuggle… you, the only thing they know to be a cure.
  • It’s the giggles from behind doors, before you discover the neatly folded clothes you put away, thrown all over the floor.
  • It’s the 1,000th tight squeeze and “I wub you” at bedtime, when all you want to do is be done parenting for the day.
  • It’s the rustle of the blankets when they crawl in bed with you and beg you to get up and play at 5am.
  • It’s the 10,000th “mommy?!” when all you need is a little silence.

It’s us missing the most important parts of our lives. The moments and sounds that we would love to keep safe in a pretty little bottle, to open anytime we want. Sounds that we need to remind ourselves to hear with a patient ear. Sounds that we tend to think about “after the fact.” Like the rustle of the leaves in the summer and fall that we miss so much in the winter.

Mom Om | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Altogether these sounds create an Om. A sacred sound. An Om we really need, but will quickly miss due to, well, parenting…

Take the coos, restless movements, sucking sounds and grunts… the pitter patter, happy splashes, tiny voices, giggles and “I wub you’s”…the rustle of the cozy blanket and that 10,000th “mommy”… and try to hear them, or at least try not to bury them so deep.

This week: take a step back and look at your days. Your busy, busy days and see if you can pull out the sweet moments, the lovely noises that are begging for your attention. I challenge you to give yourself the chance to hear it, to feel it, and really let it in. It’s not an Om you can find just anywhere.

It’s your Om, your Mom Om.

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