Moms on the Run: Empowering Busy Moms through ‘Fitness, Fun and Friendship’

Our partners at Moms on The Run are here to tell you about how you can get connected with a community of women in your neighborhood to not only improve your fitness, but build lifelong friendships as well. Read more about the story behind Moms on The Run plus see how you can join this community for yourself!

Moms on the Run | Twin Cities Moms Blog

You wake up, grab a cup of coffee, put your hair in a ponytail and pull on whatever is hanging out in your closet, wake the kids, get them fed and reasonably dressed. You jump into your vehicle, dropping one kid at preschool and another one in the drop-off line at school, then hurriedly run to the store to grab a few items on your way to plan the fall fundraiser for your daughter’s soccer team. {Sigh.} And it’s only 9 a.m. It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

As a mom, you do everything for everyone else first, right? It must be in the manual they give us at the hospital. Fall is a great time to not only get your kids into a routine, but do something for yourself, as well. There are nearly 1,500 women in the Twin Cities area who take an hour a couple days a week to invest in themselves through Moms on the Run. It’s not simply a running club; it is a fine-tuned training program that teaches you how to run or helps you improve your speed, endurance and agility if you’re already a runner.

Moms on the Run | Twin Cities Moms Blog

One of those women is Erin Collins, who admits she never maintained an exercise routine longer than three months — until she found Moms on Run. Today, two years later, this busy mom of two has run 5Ks, 10 milers, half marathons and Ragnar Relay. It’s not just the training that keeps her coming back, but the camaraderie too.

“I firmly believe I would not be able to do all of this without Moms on the Run,” reflects Erin. “I’ve never been a part of a group of women who are genuinely supportive of each other like this group. The empowerment, motivation and accountability are incredible.”

Moms on the Run | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Moms on the Run conveniently meets in 35 locations throughout the Twin Cities area. An eight-week fall session launches the week of September 11 — a perfect time to jump in and join! No matter what level you’re at, Moms on the Run offers interval training, which makes it easy for even a walker to join and still feel a part of the group. The HIIT workouts (high intensity interval training) are ideal for those looking to amp up their fitness game, as well.

Did you know that in addition to being one of the best ways to lose weight, running has many other benefits: it can help you lower your risk of breast cancer, stroke and heart attack; boost your immune system and lower your risk of developing blood clots; promote self confidence, relieve stress and eliminate depression.

Moms on the Run | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Head Mom (a.k.a. Founder and CEO) Karissa Johnson started Moms on the Run 10 years ago. After having three babies in four years, the time balancing struggle set in. Despite her degree in kinesiology, fitness and wellness, she found it difficult to incorporate fitness into her regular routine and realized other moms struggled too — and her passion to build Moms on the Run was born. Now Moms on the Run has 46 locations in six states. “I started this business to focus on women and fitness,” Karissa explains, “but it’s become so much more than just about getting into shape. Women join because they want to get fit and they stay because of the friendships they make. We hear it season after season. It’s incredible.”

You may see a group of women in brightly colored shirts running the trails at your local park. You, too, could be part of this awesome group! Check out for a location near you.

Moms on the Run | Twin Cities Moms Blog

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