Mothers’ Day with Two Moms

In our family, every day is a day to high-five an awesome mother. There are two of us after all. So when the official holiday comes around, it is really a celebration of our family, not of an individual. It becomes Mothers Day in our family and here’s what we did this year.

We like to be outside as much as we can, so we planned to have a picnic and just play free in nature; doing something we love together. Later in the week each mom gets a night/afternoon/morning to do exactly what she wants while the other hangs with our kiddos, because a little “me time” never hurts, and Mothers’ Day is a gentle reminder to carve time out for that. But on the actual day of mothers – we do our thing together.

This year is our first with two kids so we decided to alternate small gifts of love. I helped our son give his Mama something special and my partner helped our daughter give me something special. Next year we’ll flip flop. My partner and I typically do not give each other gifts on this day. We do show each other extra kindnesses though. I put a huge bouquet of lilacs in the center of our table and she brought me home a little token from her recent work travel.

It was also the first year that we really had the opportunity to explain to our three year old what Mothers’ Day is all about. We talked about how Mommy and Mama are both mothers to her and her brother, that we love them “thiiiiiiis much”, and that our family is so lucky to honor two moms in one day.

A small, but intoxicating, kindness on Mothers' Day.

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