Moving Homes in the Third Trimester

Moving Homes in the Third Trimester | Twin Cities Moms Blog

I was recently at my best friends house OB/GYN’s office for my weekly checkup. We went through the usual routine. “Hi Lauren. Can you confirm your last name?” “Yup, Larson.” “Great, can you confirm your birthday?” “Yup, it’s 1/23/15…oh wait, that is my son’s birthday. I’m not 2.5 years old…” 

Next up, everyone’s favorite part of the visit: weight check-in!!!!! Wahoo!! 


I have to pause and give a sincere shoutout to my OB nurses – they never comment on my weight gain. They easily could have said, “Gained eight pounds during the month of December? Must have enjoyed Christmas.” But they didn’t. They kept their smart mouths shut and just joined me in my silent acknowledgment of what happens when you eat ice cream every single day for nine months. 

When my doctor joined me in the room, she asked if I had any questions for her. In my usual rhythm, I pulled out my phone and opened my notes page to my list for her. I asked a few questions about swelling. I asked her to re-review the drug options for me…because…knowledge is power. And then I asked her if stress can impact an early delivery. I asked a few more follow up questions and she stopped me mid-sentence. “Lauren – what is going on?”

No one likes to feel judged, but I was avoiding telling her about my latest decision. A decision that I was worried was going to drive me into early labor. That was going to cause a car delivery (anyone else have this fear?). 

“Well doc, don’t get mad…but…we are going to move to a new house…when I’m…(insert EXTRA long pause)….thirty-nine weeks pregnant.” 

When I prepared myself for this conversation, I imagined a couple of specific responses. 1) A VERY stern look from my doctor accompanied by a massive eye roll. 2) Being questioned if I’m insane. 3) Told I’ll likely deliver my baby early due to this decision to move seven days (or 168 hours) before my due date. 

But you know what? I have the best doctor in all the land. She laughed. LAUGHED. And you know what she said? She said, “Of course you’re moving. You all do that.” 

So based on her response, I’m going to assume a few of you out there reading this ridiculous story have been in my shoes before. It sounds like we all make this insane decision. Which makes us in good company…we are insane together. 

If you find yourself in the same situation as me, here are a few tips I’ve rounded up from my experience.

  1. ASK FOR HELP. ASK FOR HELP. ASK FOR HELP. This is advice moms get no matter the situation. Having a new baby? Ask for help. You are sick? Ask for help. You decided to move at 39 weeks pregnant? Ask for help. You know what? I really stink at this. I’m better if someone forces their way into my life to help me…but I’m trying to get better at asking for help. I recently heard someone talking about their group of friends – and each person takes a turn in the “needy seat.” We all go through seasons where we are in need of help, but eventually we will get to be the one giving help to another friend. So go ahead and take your turn.
  2. Do. Not. Procrastinate. Besides growing two babies, the fact that I have steadily been packing my house for a few weeks is likely my proudest accomplishment. I am your CLASSIC procrastinator. Deadlines are my best friend (hold me accountable) and my worst enemy (stress!). If you know your moving date, start planning your packing timeline. Goal yourself at one room a week (if you have a tiny house like me) or maybe five rooms a week if you live in a monster home. Invite a friend over to help because everything goes faster when you’re talking/distracted. I also strongly suggest the iHeart Radio 90s station.
  3. Take time for breaks. I have two modes: lazy-lazy-lazy or WORK-WORK-WORK. When I know a baby is coming in a few weeks and I have a house to pack up, I get into crazy mode. I often forget that my body is still nurturing a baby in my belly – so I need to force myself to take breaks. And sometimes those breaks turn me back into the lazy-lazy-lazy person and I find myself binge watching Fixer Upper. I call it “research” for our new house. 
  4. Remember the big picture. Even though it feels totally chaotic in the midst of these two major life changes, in a few months everything will be back to “normal” in my new home. I can feel myself getting caught up in the swirl of stress that comes with anticipating a move AND the birth of a child, but I take a deep breath. I focus on what I can accomplish each day. And leave it at that. Also, see tip #1 and ask for some help.

Has anyone else moved in their third trimester? Do you have any tips to add to my list? Please share in the comments. 

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