Preparing for a Move with Children

We’re on the move! Soon.

My husband and I had a dream to remodel homes, live in them, and then sell them. Well, as most things in life not all of that goes according to plan. After a couple renovation properties we’re living through one with our first child, Greyson (as we like to call him, G). And renovating and packing up and moving with children is a different story…

Preparing for a Move with Children | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Our goal was to get our home listed by the first of June. And after 90 days of taking turns playing with G and crossing the “little things” off of our to-do list and the never ending of picking up toys and magic erasing crayons off the wall…I “think” we might be there.

And I’m not going to lie. I’m going to cry.

If anyone knows my husband you know he’s not a man of many words. The other day while we were going through an interview and when asked if we were going to be sad when we left our home for our next investment property, Jamie immediately said, “Yeah. I mean, it was the first house we brought our son home to.” I about lost it right there.

Preparing for a Move with Children | Twin Cities Moms Blog

I can’t think but to be nostalgic these past few weeks as we’re hurrying along to finish everything up and get our home listed. Our very first home as a family of three. Makes me realize we need to just slow down and take the time to take it all in, even if we are three months behind schedule. Who cares, it is our own schedule after all.

G is already wanting to help mommy and daddy with literally every tiny little thing we do to prepare our home to sell. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes we kinda lose it and just try to sit him down in front of dirt-bike videos (his favorite), when all he wants to do is help.

So these last few weeks we’re going to take it all in and make some great memories in the final weeks of our baby’s first home.

Today, I wanted to share with you a few tips on how to prepare for a move with kids, emotionally and physically.

Keep Your Kids in the Know

G could literally probably care less when it comes to leaving our home, he is, after all under two. However, we’ve been telling him since he was a baby that we’ll be leaving this home for another. So what we’ve been educated on is that if you’re children are over 2, keep them informed, stay positive, and make it exciting! Mark the calendar and make a game out of it. Let the countdown begin! Each night they do something to help the home get ready to sell, give them a reward.

…I’m already rewarding myself with a glass of wine for the things I get crossed of my list – haha!

Call the Family: Get a Sitter

Although you want to keep your kids in the know and have them help out, for the sake of your and your loved ones sanity, get help. Call your family, bestie, sitter, you name it.

Last weekend while Jamie was siding, I literally followed G around the entire day. No joke, the entire day, picking up after him. I should have called for backup. What a waste of time. And I probably wasn’t any fun. He was probably thinking, “what the heck mom?! I was gonna play with that again.” Oops. Trust me, he’ll have more fun messing someone else’s house up and hanging with people with less stress.

Clean House

My favorite. This is why I love to move: de-clutter time! I also use this to my advantage when my husband tells me I shop too much.

I always think twice before I buy something because I am always asking myself, “Do I want to move this?” Is the price of this worth packing it up and hauling away? Moving is the perfect excuse to get rid of all of your junk. People do say you are more productive if you live with less junk. When going through our family’s clothes I always ask myself if it’s been worn in the last six months. If not, it’s going to the rummage sale. Toys are another thing I try to go through on a regular basis, but…that never happens. Take your stuff and either box it up for future babies and organize and label it into months or if it was under $10, sell it! You’ll probably make more in return and it won’t be worth the hassle to move. Have fun with packing pizza nights!

Rummage Sale

Get ready for a rummage sale! Once our house is listed, you know what I’ll be having: a rummage, garage, whatever-you-want-to-call-it SALE. And at the end of the day you can either give it to a good cause and have your kids pick the place or use it for the movers!

Be a Tourist

Wherever you end up moving to, be a tourist. Get out and explore with your family. Go check out the local parks, restaurants, and ice cream shops. Get them excited about their new neighborhood. And make sure to check out your Twin Cities Moms Neighborhood Groups on Facebook. They will take you in with open arms and you’ll have a play day in no time!

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