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A recent article on 6 Baby Items You Don’t Need was posted where Ami mentioned nixing the diaper genie (yes, the heaven-sent diaper genie that leaves fumes lingering in your house for a week if you forget to empty when you leave for the weekend). My sister-in-law also went without this magical pail and I thought, “How did they do it?” Then I looked around my son’s room and thought, “And WHERE did all these stuffed animals come from!”

You get smarter the second time around. My expectant daughter’s wardrobe is about a fourth of what my son had, toys and books are less and her room itself is much more simple. I’m being smarter with what we used and didn’t use, what was necessary and what I was constantly throwing in the corner of the room (i.e stuffed animals). There weren’t five baby showers this time, but there will always be friends and family who want to give – and we’re so thankful for that, but I’m reminding myself, friends and family that there were and still are plenty times I’m left thinking, “Thanks, but no thanks…” Cue the forced smile.

6 Items My Newborn Will Survive Without:

Blankets, are cute and cuddly. Everyone wants to give a blanket but it’s likely mama and baby will fall in love with using anywhere from 1 to 3 blankets max and they’ll use those at all times. Does my kid need 2 drawers full of soft and cozy blankets? Negative.

Baby Shoes, because why?

Paperback or Pop-Up Books, because newborns and toddlers have absolutely no control over their body or their bodily fluids. Arms, legs, teeth and tongue everywhere. I’ve thrown out or repaired so many torn up paperback books and as adorable as pop-up books are… When you can’t control your excitement of seeing a monkey pop-up when the page turns… Soon, there is no monkey popping-up involved. Stick with board books and give a hardcover or two when you’re dealing with the classics to make them last.

Off-Brand Diapers, because they leak… They leak poop. Stick with brands moms know and love… better yet, ask her what she prefers.

Stuffed Animals, are a nightmare. No room is built to house 30 stuffed animals. In fact, I’m fairly certain Andy from Toy Story has less stuffed animals than my newborn.

Newborn Clothes, are the most delightful pieces of clothing in the entire world. I love doing newborn laundry, BUT they last about three weeks, if you’re lucky. And then, poof! into the hand-me-down bag for your friend, online garage sale lot post or second-hand store they go. Such a waste of money on something so-so cute… a first world problem I’m slowing overcoming.

But you want to give? That’s just fine! So, next time you’re thinking about shopping for a newborn, try these:

Gift cards, to anywhere that makes sense and anywhere that doesn’t make sense. Exhausted parents will put them to use either for a night out they deserve or most likely it’ll go straight to the new baby anyway. Think: Grocery store, Department Store, Salon, Photography, Gas Station – you name it, we’ll use it!

Diapers & Wipes, because you can never have enough diapers and diapers cost a lot of $$$. Start with size 1 and up!

Home Cooked or Freezer Meals, because every one in the family is hungry, tired and adjusting.

One-Time Cleaning Service, hint hint.

Flowers, to brighten up those off-white hospital rooms. After all, there should be something beautiful and alive in a room when you’re celebrating new life. Which reminds me, receiving a Cake in the hospital would be awesome too — a very happy and sweet birthday to your new little one!

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  1. caree September 11, 2015 at 8:21 AM #

    This is the most reasonable “baby” list I’ve ever read online. I usually find myself arguing with the ‘most haves’ and ‘don’t needs’, but I totally agree with these! I would have cried serious tears of joy if someone brought me some ready-made meals or gifted a cleaning service after my son was born.

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