My Very First Makeover {Sponsored Post}

We have partnered with Ficocello’s of Woodbury to bring you a first-hand experience of a few of the fabulous services they offer. While this post is sponsored, all opinions & experiences are 100% our own!
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I sometimes wonder if the messy bun will go down in history as my generation’s signature mom hair. And I’d say we lucked out. Because most women I know appear casual and chic with their hair swept up in an intentionally disheveled top knot. 

Me? When I wear my hair in a messy bun, I just look like a mom who needs a shower. But day after day I whip my hair up anyway – trying to achieve some semblance of style with ease.

The truth is, moms nowadays are busy. Crazy, insanely busy. And going to the salon can be the last thing we have time for. So over and over again we turn to the top knot … or the pony tail … or whatever style we don’t have to think about just so we can get through a day. Because hair can wait but feeding the kids can’t.

Recently I was invited to Ficocello’s of Woodbury for a complete makeover including a consultation, cut, color and custom blend makeup application. I leaped at the chance for a fresh look. But I had no idea what new style I should ask for. Because between my temperamental curls and lack of time to put a whole lot of effort into my hair, my options have always felt limited.

My Very First Makeover {Sponsored Post} | Twin Cities Moms Blog

I figured we may as well start from square one, so I arrived at the salon bare faced with my unwashed hair in a top knot. The friendly receptionist introduced me to the owner, CJ, who would be cutting my hair and I was ushered to my seat.

CJ spent some time talking with me about the history of the now independent Woodbury salon and the updates he’s made since assuming ownership. He and his wife, Lori, purchased the Woodbury location of a local salon chain 18 months ago. While still sharing a similar name, Ficocello’s of Woodbury is a separate business that is set apart by the great pride CJ and Lori clearly take in this beautiful space where clients can unwind while being doted on by expert stylists.

One thing that stood out as we talked was CJ’s desire to make the salon a great experience for everyone – the guests and the stylists. The entire staff is upbeat and the atmosphere has a positive, family-like feel.

My Very First Makeover {Sponsored Post} | Twin Cities Moms Blog

CJ asked me to describe my usual routine, and we discussed the pros and cons of shortening the length. He explained why my hair tended to behave the way it did and walked me through what he considered to be the best approach for my face shape.

I quickly saw the benefit of a consultation before a cut as well as trusting the advice of my stylist. I thought in order to achieve a radically new look he would need to chop it all off. But with some subtle changes, such as moving my part over by just an inch and cutting some depth around my face, I had a completely new style. 

I recently tried to go lighter with my hair color, hoping it would brighten my face. But the lighter shade just washed me out. Morgan, a hair color expert, explained why my complexion and eye color called for darker shades around my face. She softened the brassy tones and added blended lowlights. I loved the new color and couldn’t believe how the lowlights brought attention to my eyes.

My Very First Makeover {Sponsored Post} | Twin Cities Moms Blog

My curl is wiry, uneven and frizzier than an English sheep dog’s. I’ve diffused, gelled, moussed, air dried and leave-in conditioned my way though life in search of the perfect method for making my curls shine like Curly Sue’s. But most products just leave my hair crunchy or oily or some combination thereof.

Ficoccllo’s has a curl bar and carries an entire line of curl taming products that promise soft and frizz-free curls. Morgan taught me a new technique for applying the product then showed me how to clip the curls into submission while it dried. The stuff is magic and possibly the best product I have ever used on my stubborn curls.

My Very First Makeover {Sponsored Post} | Twin Cities Moms Blog

My Very First Makeover {Sponsored Post} | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Nothing terrifies me like the thought of finding new makeup. I have exactly one eyeshadow palate which was purchased only because it came with step-by-step application instructions reminiscent of color by number. So it was with fear and trepidation that I approached the makeup station.

Lori was in charge of my custom blend foundation and reassured me it would be fun. She immediately set to work mixing colors to achieve a foundation tailored for my skin tone. Besides color, clients can select finishing effects such as dewy, matte, skin firming or moisturizing. I was thrilled to learn that the salon keeps your final combination on file for future purchases and the bottle lasts four to five months. 

Ficocello’s offers makeup artistry using a complete line of mineral makeup. This is a great option for brides or prom goers or anyone who has a special occasion. I walked away inspired to get a little more adventurous with my makeup.

My Very First Makeover {Sponsored Post} | Twin Cities Moms Blog

My Very First Makeover {Sponsored Post} | Twin Cities Moms Blog

My Very First Makeover {Sponsored Post} | Twin Cities Moms Blog

We all know that the true test of a new hairstyle is what it looks like the next day – when you are left to fend for yourself. I am happy to report that I haven’t put my hair up once since my makeover. I am in love with the new curl product and have gotten tons of compliments on the cut, color and my newly tamed locks. My teenage daughter keeps trying to steal my new foundation which is the highest compliment makeup can receive. So I would say the experience was a rousing success.

Moms often put their own needs last. But there is a difference between putting your kids first and completely neglecting yourself. And it’s important to carve out some time for self care.

Honestly? I’m not the type of person who views salon appointments as a treat. I just show up when the barn needs a fresh coat of paint. But Ficocello’s of Woodbury was fun, relaxing and made a believer out of me that a day at the salon can be just the pampering a weary mama needs.

My Very First Makeover {Sponsored Post} | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Hair color by Morgan Cole, Custom Blend Foundation by Lori Nelson, Make Up by Marie Olson, Hair Cut by CJ Nelson

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My Very First Makeover {Sponsored Post} | Twin Cities Moms Blog

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