Dallas has the BEST Bathrobes {Getaway Giveaway!}

{Disclosure: We’re so thankful to the Omni Dallas for partnering with City Moms Blog last fall for our national conference, allowing our team the chance to learn and grow so we can serve YOU better!}

Last fall, life threw me a little curveball when I got viral meningitis {the key word here is viral – it’s a lot less serious than bacterial meningitis}. I honestly thought this was a college kid’s problem. How does a 34-year-old mama get meningitis?! Long story short, my baby got a virus, which is one of the ways you can contract viral meningitis. I was in the hospital for two full days, missed my daughter’s 4th birthday and it was incredibly painful. After discharge all I wanted to do was rest, but the City Moms Blog Network national conference was happening, in Dallas that weekend. I’d been waiting, looking forward to networking, seeing the other site owners, learning and was even slotted to present, but my head! Oh my head hurt so much.

So, what’s a girl to do when two days after discharge she’s got a flight to Dallas for a conference she’s been anticipating for months? I got on that dang plane anyway. I had no idea, and to be honest, I didn’t I really care, how serious meningitis is and how long you are in pain. I stumbled through MSP to my gate in my sunglasses, slept my way through the flight, opened my eyes just long enough in the Uber ride from the airport to see one landmark on the way to the hotel and then fell into that glorious bed at the Omni Dallas and rarely left it for three full days.

Dallas has the BEST Bathrobes {Getaway Giveaway!} | Twin Cities Moms BlogHere’s what I want you to know about the Omni. The rooms are any woman’s dream for a little getaway. No joke, I hurt and was in pain and it was a hard weekend missing out on all I’d looked forward to for months, but ladies. That bathrobe. I can’t even. I still dream about it. Our team is still talking about those bathrobes.

Dallas has the BEST Bathrobes {Getaway Giveaway!} | Twin Cities Moms Blog

The first day, I laid around in all of the amazing pillows on my bed. I talked to friends as they worked at the desk in our room, and I even ventured out to grab dinner at the restaurant downstairs. Because, when in Texas, you just have to order a steak, amIright? It was well worth the effort it took to get downstairs to grab it and in my first very short little outing, I loved the scenery. The hotel is gorgeous – bright, open, a few different restaurant options to choose from, and felt like a great spot for a girls’ weekend (you know…when you’re not sick!).

Omni Hotel Dallas | Twin Cities Moms Blog

First, the conference started on Friday night with a warm welcome from the Omni and an amazing dinner and huge Favorite Things party in a gorgeous conference room. The entire ten minutes I spent there in my sunglasses were amazing…

Omni Hotel Dallas | Twin Cities Moms Blog

After half a cup of Sprite, I was done. I hear the party was amazing, the Favorite Things ladies from around the country brought were so much fun, and that these fabulous girls got the local notebooks I brought from Mara Mi store.

Omni Hotel Dallas | Twin Cities Moms Blog

I hear that the next day was full of learning: sessions, group discussions, panels, etc. I was intended to present in the afternoon and still, being the ever-loving optimist, was convinced it was going to happen. Instead, I did my presentation to myself, in my head, at the Baylor University ER, for what I thought was a quick 45 minute trip that, in reality, was 4-5 hours long.

I heard that there was an amazing dinner at Neighbor’s Table – like a Pinterest dream come true.

Omni Hotel Dallas | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Omni Hotel Dallas | Twin Cities Moms Blog

We loved seeing a lot of Minnesota brands make the list of sponsors for the conference. One of those was Clingks…these make every single event just that much more fun with their custom hashtag decals!

Omni Hotel Dallas | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Alright, so maybe I didn’t fully experience the Omni, but my team did, and what I did experience was fantastic. Amazing room service, and customer service like I’ve never experienced. The staff knew I was down for the count and were checking in on me with the City Moms Blog team about any needs I might have multiple times a day. The staff at the Omni was also incredibly helpful to my team in helping us find the best and closest local Emergency Room (because that happened), and getting me an early car service to get home 12 hours sooner than anticipated after I swapped my flight times.

I have to give a massive public shout-out to Emily and Tiffany from the TCMB Exec Team. These two ran me all over Dallas in an Uber car with a very new, very strongly scented pine-tree-shaped air freshener that nearly did me in, waited for hours in the Baylor University ER waiting room, called my insurance company, called my husband, packed my suitcase so I could get home early and made me laugh multiple times through the pain and tears. It’s a story we really should tell one day, but for now, just a giant thank you. Friends really are the best part of any girls’ trip anyway, right?


The entire experience could have been a nightmare, but instead, most of what I remember is laughing at how ridiculous the entire thing was and that amazing, beautiful bathrobe. I’ll be honest…I really wanted to tuck that baby in my suitcase!

This is a place you’ll want to bookmark to visit. Everything they offer is amazing. At least that’s what I heard. 😉

Omni Hotel Dallas | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Here’s what’s really fun…you have a chance to win a stay at the Omni! One (1) winner will be selected to receive a two-night stay at the Omni Dallas. The prize includes: Deluxe Accommodations for two nights. Unlimited access to the Omni roof top pool, Mokara Spa, and nine dining experiences. Enter below. Giveaway Ends May 6th at 11:59pm

The Omni Dallas has also offered our readers a special summer rate that is great for the whole family. Discount details include:

Book a king and connecting double queen room online and receive 50% off your second room.

Present the attached printed flyer with you at check-in for your exclusive discounted rate. While you’re here, you’ll enjoy the Omni’s luxurious accommodations, their gorgeous roof top pool, Mokara Spa, and nine dining experiences.


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