Going It Alone

Parenting is hard.  You know.   Think of it- the diapers, the feedings, the shopping, the stupid and clunky safe and wonderful car seats, the redirecting, reading, singing (that same CD over and over), the discipline, the meal planning, the dance classes, the life-lessons, and then somewhere in there you’re a person too.  Now take all […]

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2014 Utimate Twin Cities Summer Camp-1

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps in the Twin Cities

This past Sunday, men all across the Twin Cities participated in ‘Selection Sunday’ —the day to pick who will win the Men’s NCAA Basketball Championship. This year has high stakes with Warren Buffet pledging to give 1 billion dollars to anyone who creates perfect brackets. Meanwhile, moms across the metro (me included) stayed up late to manage their own […]

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The Easiest (Pinterest-Style) First Birthday Party!

We recently celebrated our third first-birthday-party. We have had quite a bit of practice at this first-birthday-party-business. For our first daughter, I went all out for her party. I sent lots of money and lots of time planning it all, and when all was said and done,  I was exhausted and felt like I was […]

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I didn't like my baby

I Didn’t Like My Baby When I Met Him

I have a confession to make. It is deep and ugly and I don’t like admitting it. But as the secret’s one year anniversary draws near, I keep thinking about it. About how I wish it wasn’t true, how I wish I could have a do-over, another shot at it, one last try. But I […]

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So You Think You Can’t Blog?

Since you’re reading this post, it’s probably safe to say you’re a blog reader. But…have you ever thought about being a blog writer?  Maybe you have, but you’ve ignored that little voice in your head because a) you’re not a techie and it’s probably too complicated to set up a blog site, b) you don’t […]

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The Easiest Beauty DIY You’ll Ever Do In Your Life

I’m about to change your life with one little ingredient. Cornstarch. Why is this life changing, you ask? Here’s the thing. My husband, an oh-so-responsible fella, seems to think it’s important for this family to stay on a budget. And while I agree, there are important purchases to make, like super expensive translucent face powders. […]

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