Giveaway: Minnesota Zoo

Who doesn’t love the Minnesota Zoo?  It’s not only an amazing collection of animals native to Minnesota, but they’ve  worked hard and expanded the exposure children and adults alike can get to animals outside of Minnesota.  This is a business that is not only kid friendly, but understands that you need to be able to […]

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First Avenue First

Built in date nights are one of the benefits of being a mom (and dad!) within a blended family.  On Thursday and Friday nights, our kids are always with their other parents, so we have no pangs of guilt leaving them behind and are able to enjoy our time together without worry. My husband and […]

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before and after

Glam up your cupboard with a little RRR

Attaining beautiful inside cupboards.  We’ve all seen the dream kitchens and pantries that are lined with glass jars filled with colorful grains and seeds and pastas.  Everything about those images appears so romantic.  Waking in the morning and pouring your daily bowl of oatmeal from a beautiful glass jar (instead of a paper packet), reaching […]

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grandkids 007 (4)

Don’t Call Me Granmaw

Let’s say you’re seventeen. And some of you might be. Can you envision yourself as a GRANDMOTHER? Of course not. Not at seventeen, and maybe not at any age for that matter. Until it happens. You’re rather hit upside the head. Taken one in the gut. Gobsmacked. But when it happened to me, I was […]

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30 Ways To Encourage A New Mom

I’ll never forget that moment when I suddenly “got it.” As I stared for hours on end at my newborn baby boy, I remember also spending a good chunk of that day feeling like I was now part of the secret mom club. I say secret, as if it’s exclusive or something. Obviously millions of women […]

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Parenting – Keeping It Simple

You might say that we spoiled our family this year by taking them for a two week vacation to Costa Rica(But I would say that it was a family vacation about five years overdue). My takeaways from our trip are the memories that will stay with us always – the surf, the sand, the zip-lining, […]

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Sam note

on Days Like Today {which was one of THOSE days}

To the mama who has just had one of those days: Today, my two year old did not take a nap. Oh, he was in his crib for three hours, but not sleeping. He alternated between wailing, playing, reading, and yelling, ‘Mommy! Out!’. I changed his diaper twice, refilled his bottle once, retrieved his puppy […]

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Helpful Tips for Traveling With Baby

  I have good news! Travel doesn’t have to end once you have children! One reason that my husband and I waited nearly 5 years to have children after we got married was because we weren’t ready to give up travel. Not surprisingly, we still aren’t ready to give it up. I’m a firm believer […]

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You are not the only one…

So it’s the middle of January and I am writing to you from my living room, sitting on my couch NEXT TO MY CHRISTMAS TREE! I know some of you have had your Christmas decorations put away since December 26th and you are tempted to stop reading this because you just can’t relate to such […]

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The Clothes Don’t Make The Kid:: Dressing Twin Boys

Most moms will agree that when it comes to parenting (and especially to mothering), advice, opinions and friendly suggestions can often turn into debate and sometimes heated dialogue. I get it. These are important topics that are fueled by emotion, and it’s usually for good reason. But never did I think that how I dressed […]

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green choices

Simple changes can help green up your life!

When I started using cloth diapers in 2009, I had no idea the way it would “green” up my life. Suddenly, the simple change that I was making to use cloth diapers on my son’s cute little bum opened this entire world of green living. I’m not just talking about organic eating or grass-fed only […]

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