Parenting: A Fitness Craze

Parenting: A Fitness Craze | Twin Cities Moms Blog


Ok, you joined. Now what? Why the tired look?

Out of breath? Slightly delirious from the heavy lifting? Occasional (or profuse) sweating? Constant up’s and down’s, reaching high and low, here and there upon demand? Do you have quick reflexes and the intuition of a Samurai but often feel worried about straining your back, pulling a muscle or not drinking enough water? Are you using muscles you didn’t know you had? Do you find yourself wanting to give up and throw in the towel? Are you surrounded by others who started out just like you but have gone pro – giving you mixed feelings of intimidation and motivation? Feeling a little crazy at times, wondering why you took on such an intense workout? Ever find yourself laughing and crying while still holding on?

The cost of membership is high, and it only continues to go up – with unexpected fees on the side.

You don’t get any freebies and we don’t coach you, we toss you in with the wolves.

Well, you agreed to the terms.

You signed the contract.

You show up daily and whip out your membership card with pride and sometimes a hard swallow of uncertainty.

But still – you push through even when all the signs are telling you to take a break.

Your routine wears you down. It’s exhausting but at the end of the day, the end of the week, the end of the year, a sense of fulfillment seeps in and you begin to see the rewards. Tired? Yes, but your routine is tough, it’s challenging, it tests not only your physical ability but also your mental capacity. Not only are you training your muscles, you’re also training your whole self. What you eat and how you sleep may also be heavily affected, but you’ve got this!! You will function on small scraps of food and tiny bursts of sleep, and you’ll be just fine because your future does indeed hold plates of food just for you and many nights of sleep. Just you wait and see! And yes, you may fail repeatedly, but you’re reaching larger than life goals without even noticing.

What you’re doing is a job that is harder than you ever imagined. You see a competition on the horizon and just before you let fear and doubt take over, you dive in head first. You watch your weights grow and proudly show off your muscles. Muscles that you worked so hard to develop.

Let’s face it, what are you really doing?

You’re parenting and you’re kicking some serious butt!

Even on those days you so badly want to give up. You want to take the weight off and stretch out in a sauna. You want to take a shower when you want, relax in silence and be the only one who eats off your plate. You don’t want to step on anymore toys or wipe down that same surface for the 100th time today… Forgive yourself for wanting to give up, give in and check out. Through sweat and tears, love the little ones at your ankles who hang on your arms and climb on your back. They are the weights that are making you stronger every single day. They are building you up, especially when you’re at the end of your rope and you feel like crashing to the floor. In the end, the success and the results will be beyond amazing. Beyond belief even.

To say parenting is a workout is an understatement. This is a fitness craze you didn’t even know you’ve been intensely participating in. Parenting is no joke. There is no application and small annual fee to secure your spot. It’s all you! There is no set workout plan that you can choose to do or not to do. The best part is that this slightly chaotic and unpredictable routine, schedule and “craze” was designed just for you!

Peace, joy and strength to you mamas at the end of your rope, ready to crash to the floor, ready to give in and toss the towel far, far away. I’m in the cheering section and you may not even realize it, but you’re winning!

Hang on. Stay on track. You’ve got this.

Wake up. Hydrate. Parent. Sleep. Repeat. Good luck.

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