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Our partners at Family Chatterbox are here to inform moms like you about pediatric in-home speech and language therapy! Read on to find out more about the benefits of having therapy in your own home, how this business started, and why they're so passionate about their mission!

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At the heart of Family Chatterbox are three core values: FUN, FUNCTIONAL and FAMILY. We believe that the best place for your child to develop their speech-language skills is in your home. Our mission is to use FAMILY, to help kids have FUN while they are developing FUNCTIONAL skills that they can use in their everyday lives! It’s why we got started. We knew our clients would progress and be able to “graduate” faster from speech-language therapy in their home compared to a clinic, hospital, and/or school setting. We knew we had to involve YOU, the moms, dads, and families in a totally different way. This is our story. 

Why Do Therapy In The Home?
Our founder, Kasey Wade, worked as a Speech and Language Pathologist in a variety of settings, but always felt something was missing in therapy. Why was it so hard to show parents how to practice speech-language skills in the clinic? Why did Jimmy eat a non-preferred food so well in the therapy kitchen, but couldn’t eat it when he got home during dinner with his family? How did Piper remember to say her “R” sound when she was speaking with Kasey in the clinic, but during school and at home her “R” distortions were challenging to understand?

“If only I could move into the home with my clients,” Kasey thought. This was, of course, impossible and unrealistic, so she began researching and brainstorming other options. Kasey decided if she couldn’t move into the homes of her clients, then she would have to train someone who was already living with them. This sparked the idea for Family Chatterbox, and it has been an amazing adventure ever since.

What Are The Benefits?
The benefits for in home speech-language therapy are endless. Not only does it save you time spent loading up, driving, parking, unloading, and sitting in a waiting room, but we also strongly believe it is the BEST place for your child to receive therapy. In home speech-language therapy capitalizes on using the home environment. We use your child’s toys, siblings, interests, and natural environment to build the skills they will need to communicate effectively. When therapy is provided in the home, the connection and relationship between therapist and child is likely to develop more rapidly, opening the door for quicker progress. Family Chatterbox also focuses on parent training and education, so you can help your child progress throughout the week.

Better Together
We believe there is a bond between all mothers and their children that is so special and powerful. You know your child best. Our mission is to partner with moms to provide FUN, FUNCTIONAL and FAMILY-focused therapy that will empower them to help their child communicate at their fullest potential. We believe wholeheartedly that facilitating therapy through the family will produce the greatest possible results for your child, and the best place to do that is in your own home.

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