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Play Like You! | Twin Cities Moms Blog

grew up in a sports driven family. My three older brothers have national and international experience in numerous sports. Therefore, it was a natural progression for me to follow in their footsteps. I absolutely love sports, and I have played many over the years: figure skating, field hockey, roller hockey, track, cross country, triathlons, duathlons, netball (it’s a Southern Hemisphere thing), and finally I chose to focus on ice hockey.

Yeah, growing up playing ice hockey in South Africa isn’t a really easy thing to do, but I pursued it, my parents drove me many, many miles back and forth to the rink, and across the country for tournaments.

Play Like You! | Twin Cities Moms Blog

However, the one blatantly obvious thing, back in the early 90’s, was that I was a GIRL, wanting to play a boy’s game. I was told this more than once: you can’t play (ice) hockey, that’s for boys, you can’t play a full contact boy sport. 

Nonetheless, I played and I loved it. At the time I had no idea I was standing in the face of oppression. To me, I was just doing what I wanted to, and that was easy for me. I know I had a solid base of support even if my mother was initially terrified of me playing the game.

While I realize how much women have fought for their rights to play the sports of their choosing, I was fortunate to never feel that I didn’t belong doing what I wanted to do. Sure, there were some who laughed at me or ridiculed me, but that only gave me more desire to do what I was doing.  

This is how I want to raise my daughter. I want her to play what she wants to play and I want her to play it like herself! I want and need her to realize that she truly can do whatever she wants, and I will be her fierce supporter ensuring she never feels she doesn’t belong or shouldn’t be following her dreams, be that in hockey, rock climbing, or ballet – the world is hers to explore. 

Play Like You! | Twin Cities Moms Blog

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