Postpartum Hair Loss & Bed Sweats

What in the… You guys. This is no joke.

There are so many things. So many things you get told about what to expect for your postpartum recovery. The depression, baby blues, constipation, hemorrhoids, sore nipples, hormonal shifts…you name it. 

Postpartum Hair Loss & Bed Sweats | Twin Cities Moms Blog

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And while all those things are totally true, what someone failed to mention to me was the bed sweats and hair loss. What in the heck is that?!

With my first son, I sweated for four months straight. Like change-the-sheets in-the-middle-of-the-night sweating. With my second, I was really terrified of this once again. And here I am several months later, still changing those sheets. I’ve even taken it up a notch and have had to lay down towels. When I’m up every two hours feeding the baby, I come back to frozen sheets. I mean… Not to mention that means I have to make the hubs get up with me and change the sheets. No one’s happy. 

I smell. It’s disgusting. And the smell…what is that smell?! I have to shower a couple times per day and I don’t even have time for one shower. So yeah, in between breastfeeding, changing the sheets, showering, and trying to get our three-year old back to bed every five minutes from him having to get up to “pee” or “get water,” I’m pretty much not sleeping what-so-ever.

So… life is going pretty well doing this whole two babes thing. ha! 

Postpartum Hair Loss & Bed Sweats | Twin Cities Moms Blog

And then the hair loss. I actually completely forgot about this the second time around being pregnant. And then one month postpartum…it started coming out fast and furious. I vacuum three times per week. Cleaning our home weekly is a full time job in itself. I can’t even look at our bathroom floor. And my poor baby. I’ve found my nasty hair up his butt and in his plug. You name it. He even choked on a few of my hairs that were laying on the floor the other day. I mean….

Last week I put my hair in what I thought was a cute up-do and I glanced in the mirror and I was like NOOOOO! It literally looked like my oldest took a scissor to my hair. Right behind my left ear was a chunk of hairs just sticking straight out. Yep, no idea… they just fell off, two inches from my scalp. I don’t even know…that’s a thing I guess. It looks like I’ll be wearing my hair down for awhile. 

I’ve even thought about using Rogaine, wondering if that would stop this madness. But from what I’ve heard and learned…this is “normal.” 

I’ve Googled and heard all the things. So I’m basically so overwhelmed with info I’m doing it all. Probably just overdosing on vitamins and eating way too much that this baby weight will never go away. ha! 

But have no fears you first time momma’s out there. Bed sweats and hair loss don’t affect all momma’s out there. Some of my friends just think I’m crazy. I am a little. They never went through this. 

And all I can remind myself is you’re lucky you have hair, Morgan! Who cares if half of it is falling out. You’re healthy, your baby is healthy and your hubby is healthy. You are one lucky momma! And I mean…look how cute these little dudes are?! It’s all so worth it. 

Postpartum Hair Loss & Bed Sweats | Twin Cities Moms Blog

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