Pregnancy To-Do List: Watch Movies

I have four kids and for me that’s plenty, but once in a while I wish I was pregnant again. To me, being pregnant is the ultimate in multi-tasking. No matter what you’re doing (or not doing) you’re also making a human. Daily accomplishment: check. For a lazy person like myself, being pregnant can cover hours of cuddling with the remote in a warm blanket of achievement.

Alas, it’s a new year and I am not pregnant so in an effort to “do” something, I made a list for all the hard-working, pregnant ladies whose hours on the couch will bring about more than my entire week.  So stop all this productivity, you’re making the rest of us look bad. If you’re not pregnant, think of watching all 42 as a challenge to be completed (I did):

Pregnancy To-Do List: Watch Movies | Twin Cities Moms Blog


Pregnancy To-Do List: Watch Movies | Twin Cities Moms Blog


Start with a few “expecting” flicks, but fair warning these movies can go either way emotionally. If you’re pregnancy is easy breezy, their cinematic trials could make you chuckle. If you’re spending hours on the bathroom floor, seeing skinny celebrity ankles could be enough to bring on the tears.

  1. She’s Having a Baby
  2. Father of the Bride 2
  3. The Back Up Plan
  4. What to Expect When You’re Expecting
  5. 9 Months
  6. Due Date
  7. Sugar & Spice
  8. Saved
  9. Juno
  10. Knocked Up
  11. Junior
  12. Away We Go
  13. Baby Mama
  14. Waitress
  15. Where the Heart Is

What better way to prepare for a baby than watching movies about babies. Hah! Your baby experience will be nothing like these movies. Unless, you’re reading this from Mongolia, then maybe.

  1. Babies
  2. Three Men and a Baby
  3. Raising Arizona
  4. Look Who’s Talking
  5. Life As We Know It
  6. Baby Boom

Parenthood isn’t all trials and tribulations, but it isn’t all sunshine and picnics either. These films cover the whole spectrum, be prepared to pee your maternity pants and ugly cry.

  1. Parenthood
  2. Daddy Daycare
  3. This is Where I Leave You
  4. Mr. Mom
  5. I Don’t Know How She Does It
  6. Family Man
  7. Dan in Real Life
  8. Little Fockers
  9. Friends with Kids
  10. Little Miss Sunshine
  11. Crazy, Stupid, Love
  12. We Bought a Zoo

The following movies have nothing to do with babies. I’ve included them in recognition of their importance and your future inability to stay awake for any of them. Seriously, date night may become pizza and a movie on the couch, but even an Oscar winner can’t compete with the exhaustion of a new parent.

  1. All the Godfathers (maybe not III, nobody really needs to see III)
  2. Lord of the Rings Series
  3. Girl with Dragon Tattoo Trilogy Swedish Version (really anything with subtitles)
  4. Forrest Gump

Finally, this is your moment ladies -hijack the remote. Being pregnant is the ultimate trump card. “I’m Growing a Person, I Get to Pick the Movie.” So go nuts and binge on the chic flicks, ice cream and pickles.

  1. Anything starring John Cusack (personal bias here obviously)
  2. Sex in the City I (and II, this is a stretch you might need to be pregnant with more than one to make him watch II)
  3. Dirty Dancing
  4. Sixteen Candles
  5. About Time

For you overachievers, I found a few more, some of which even I (Netflix Platinum Member) haven’t seen. You’ll get extra credit for watching these or adding any to my list.

  1. Delivery Man
  2. Rosemary’s Baby (original and remake)
  3. Object of My Affection
  4. The Switch
  5. Maybe Baby
  6. For Keeps

Happy Screening!

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