8 Presents I’m Gifting Myself This Season

8 Presents I'm Gifting Myself This Season | Twin Cities Moms Blog

It’s that time of year when my husband, mom and mother-in-law start their requests for a wishlist of things I’d like for the holidays. And every year, I briefly scan my stuffed closets and overflowing drawers and think, “I really don’t need anything.”

And then I proceed to fill a Word document with all the things I want.

I wish I could say I have enough. I wish I could say “Please, put your wallet away! Your love is gift enough.” I wish I was one of those transcendent individuals who has left all tinsel and candy cane-fueled desires behind for the clutter-free shelves and enlightenment brought by minimalism.

But that’s not me. I enjoy a new sweater. I like coffee gift cards. And those Lululemon leggings that I may or may not have tried on during three separate shopping occasions? Yeah, those would be nice covering my rear come December 26th.

But despite the length of my “want” list, I have to admit there are things I just can’t bring myself to include. For some items, it’s for the simple reason that they’ll be ignored. For others, I don’t trust someone else to choose. And yet more, well, they’re not exactly wrappable.

That’s why this season I’m going to go on a little shopping spree for me. And I won’t feel one bit guilty for checking off any of these goodies from my own personal wish list. Here are eight presents I’m gifting to myself this holiday season:

1. Underwear
Even with size direction and links to exact products, no. Just no. I will be procuring my own collection of brand new cotton bits of comfortable wonder, thankyouverymuch.

2. Gilmore Girls Netflix binge
I was not one of the original fangirls of this show. In fact, I don’t even remember hearing much about it when it was on the air. But after my local coffee shop transformed into a Luke’s for one precious morning this past fall (complete with a two-block long line of fans waiting for a simple cup of jo served by a barista in a flannel and backwards hat), Gilmore Girls landed on my watchlist faster than Lorelei can say, “Coffee.”

3. Stocking cap
My head is small. Most sunglasses and hats make me look like either a 3-year old trying on her mom’s gear or a bug. With really big bug eyes. So I’m not trusting anyone that doesn’t have my same name and social security number to pick out a warm chapeau for this noggin. Nope. This is firmly on my own to-get list.

4. Bottomless holiday coffee
Caramel Macchiatos aren’t my usual flavor. I don’t add French Vanilla cream to my cup. But come December, nothing says Christmas to me like a nice, steaming Eggnog Latte or Holiday Spice Flat White. My espresso machine is even crafting a lovely apfelstrudel variation this month. Besides, being well caffeinated will help as I continue my search for that elusive NES Classic Edition.

5. Daytime workouts
Despite my best efforts, I’m not a morning worker outer. And evenings are just too…eveningish. For too long I have set my daytime exercise routine on the back burner in favor of playdates and parks, swimming and crafts, hiding and seeking. So this month it’s mommy’s turn to run, jump and throw things…at the gym.

6. Holiday Music…Everywhere
Most mornings I’ll ask my son what music he’d like to listen to as we eat breakfast and drive to preschool. My husband sets the dinner tunes. But not this month. I’m taking control of our Spotify account and it’s going to be a holly, jolly playlist. All. Month. Long.

7. Pajamas
Let’s put it this way: I’m picky about my sleepwear. They have to be soft and not too form fitting but not too loose. Shorts that aren’t too short but also not too long with a tank top that’s preferably racer back. To anyone else, it’s like looking for the Lochness Monster of pajamas. To me, it’s a journey worth the comfy destination.

8. Zero Guilt
I like Santa-shaped cookies, okay? And cheese logs. And cocoa. So this December, I’m going to let myself enjoy the season’s treats guilt-free. With the daytime workouts, everything should work out just fine…right?

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