My Secret to Sanity at Target

My Secret to Sanity at Target | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Shopping with kids can seem daunting, and it often takes some mental preparation. While I am not forced to do it often because I do my big weekly hauls on the weekend alone or with just my oldest (thank you hubby), at least once a week I do a quick run for essentials such as milk and bananas with all three kiddos.

My secret to sanity while shopping at Target is simple: the cute café tucked away in the corner! Where the smell of buttery Pizza Hut breadsticks and popcorn (and now caramel corn) comes from, it’s as simple as that. The Café is my secret weapon to shopping with kids at Target.

I have three boys ages three and under, so anything that helps me get through a Target run with minimal chaos, I’m all about it!

My Secret to Sanity at Target | Twin Cities Moms BlogThis may come as a surprise to my fellow mommas out there, but I am not a coffee drinker – at all. I also don’t care to purchase a $2 cakepop that will last my kids a whole five seconds each, so you won’t find us waiting in line at the Starbucks very often. But for those coffee people out there, keep an eye out for Target Starbucks Cartwheel and BOGO deals.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against caffeine. In fact, I’m a lover of fountain pop (my husband would say addict). Once the kids and I get settled in a cart, it’s off to the Café we go. I don’t find it ridiculous to spend $2.54 (amount after RedCard savings) every time we are there on a nice sized bag of popcorn and a medium fountain pop as the benefits far out way the added expense. The popcorn keeps the kids busy while I am able to focus on the things that are on my list… so we can later peruse for things that aren’t #EndCapBrowsing #ClearanceRacks #DollarSpot

Plus any popcorn that is left makes for a tasty leftover snack for mom and dad after the kids are in bed!
Tip: ask the Team Member to put the bag of popcorn in a plastic shopping bag. Less chance of it accidentally being dumped out and leaving a mess throughout the store. That may be a selfish request as I’ve seen my kids eating off the floor on numerous occasions. It happens to the best of us, ladies.

Be sure to check the deals at the Café as well. The often have $1 happy hour or BOGO 50% off on ICEEs. Also, double check the Cartwheel app for any other Café offers that may be available!

My Secret to Sanity at Target | Twin Cities Moms Blog

If you’re not looking to spend money on snacks, Target offers a free cookie to kids under 12. They also deliver on their commitment to wellness by offering a free piece of fruit, a banana or clementine. How cool is that!?

My Secret to Sanity at Target | Twin Cities Moms Blog

My Secret to Sanity at Target | Twin Cities Moms Blog

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