From My Favorite Corner: Get Outside Twin Cities!

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Introducing our newest, regular series:

My desk is my new favorite corner of our home. It’s my little haven, a place of rest that is personalized just for me, and no one else. It’s also the place I get to dig into our writer’s articles, do a little dreaming for TCMB events and even a little dreaming for myself. Our writers truly put a lot into their articles and we want to be sure you get a chance to see them more often!

Each Sunday, I’ll be sharing a few thoughts and a handful of articles on a specific theme. We’ve had well over 40 writers total in our 2+ years in action and the wisdom, knowledge and tips they’ve shared is wide! Today, I’m encouraging you to get outside!

Minnesotan’s are hearty…we do not let the weather scare us. No! We pair flip-flops with our activewear zip-ups and capri yoga pants and head out in January with confidence. Or…maybe you do. Not in my home. We tolerate, endure and accept the Minnesota winters, but have yet to learn to embrace them. Which is why I’m so excited that the weather has turned!

Spring is here, and not like the Saturday in February when we hit 58 degrees only to be brought back to reality, it’s here, for real this time. Whether you are like me, and live for the days when the sun is shining on green grass instead of blindingly white snow, or you really do love Minnesota winters, it’s time to get outside. There’s plenty to be said about the Twin Cities, but above all, there is never a lack of things to keep busy with. And now that it’s nice, there are gardens to grow, lakes to enjoy, spring nature hikes to be had, and adorable little towns to explore.

So grab your sandals, because it’s time to get outside and enjoy this beautiful Minnesota Spring weather – and if you need ideas on where to start, check out the ideas below.

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