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Style for the Postpartum and Nursing Mom | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Fall is here. You feel the chill in the air, which makes it (even) harder to pull yourself out of your cozy bed in the morning. You find yourself incorporating apples into every recipe (apple crisp, butternut squash and apple ravioli, homemade applesauce, apple butter on toast, etc.). The sun is setting earlier, which used to be sad in my pre-parenting life, but now it means earlier bedtime for my toddler…which is amazing. And my personal fall favorite – switching my closet from shorts and tank tops to all the fall clothes. Walking into the store this time of year gives me the excited jitters to see fall clothes. Yes, I’m admitting that clothing gives me all the feels.


This year has been different. This year, I am finding it difficult to be excited for the transition to fall because of some limits. What limits? I’m currently a nursing mom that is three months postpartum (translations: my clothes still don’t fit right). That means I have a very limited wardrobe (whatever fits) and it needs to be nursing-friendly. Also, is it just me or do all nursing moms find themselves hot 99% of the time?

So how is a nursing mom supposed to embrace fall fashion and style? I have a few ideas to share with you. Of course this would be very simple if I had an endless budget and could buy anything I wanted…but this mama is on a major budget, so here we go. Nursing mama, postpartum body, budget-friendly. Let’s do this.

Graphic T-shirt – a big trend this fall is the graphic tee. There could not be an easier trend to incorporate into your wardrobe this fall! And it works incredibly well for nursing moms! High five! These tees can be worn with your favorite jeans or your favorite workout pants – and by workout pants, I mean your favorite pants to wear around the house. I should really call them my “house pants.” My favorite way to wear my graphic tee is pairing it with my jogger pants and a jean jacket. Easy, comfy, nursing-friendly, and trendy.

All about the tennis shoe – I wrote a post awhile back about tennis shoes, and guess what? The trend is still going strong. I honestly think this is the biggest blessing of a trend for us moms. Being a mom is my current sport…my workout. You can’t expect me to chase a toddler around a grocery store in a ballet flat or heaven forbid, a pair of heels. This mom needs a tennis shoe to do my best mom work – and it can still look good! I’m not talking about your crusty running shoes or your yard work tennis shoes – find a nice pair of tennis shoes that work with your outfits. Some of you may prefer to stick to a basic neutral like this one or go a little crazy with shoes like this or this.

Tie a knot in it – Last, but certainly not least, I share the knotted shirt. Let’s be real – some most days I really just want to wear an oversized shirt because it’s comfy and breathable (see my comment above on being hot 99% of the time). But if I’m trying to pull myself together, I have a simple solution. Take your oversized tee and tie a little knot in the front. Yes…this is a slight nod to the 80’s. Just go with it. I think it looks best if you tie the knot off center. It still allows you the comfort of the oversized shirt, the access needed for nursing, and a somewhat put-together look.

There you have it – some fall trend ideas for the postpartum, nursing, budgeting mom. What styles are you trying this fall?

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