Style Trend: ’90s Layering

Most of us who have young kids were child products of the ’80s and ’90s. We lived through a lot and have some great memories of the days before the internet, social media, and the second coming of the skinny jean. I was born in the ’80s, so the ’90s were the timeframe that I discovered music, style, and everything between. Is this a walk down memory lane? Maybe. But more importantly, I have some news that will either get you psyched or make you cringe. The styles from the ‘90s are making a comeback in the fashion world, and I’m going to share with you one easy way to apply it to your already existing wardrobe.

To give you a little snapshot into my writer process – I just watched Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” music video to get back into the ‘90s zone. It flooded my mind with memories of watching it in its prime on MTV as a teenager in my family living room. Likely, my older sister was instructing me on what was cool because that’s what older sisters do.

Back to fashion…

Let’s talk about layering – ’90s edition. Layering is going to be a great style decision because a) it’s super easy and b) you already (likely) own all of the essential pieces.

A lot of stores are showing this style this fall, especially with a strappy slip dress with a basic tee underneath. You can truly make this your own with any sort of combo you find in your closet. Here are a few examples for inspiration.

one / two / three

I did this exercise with my own closet – see the transformation from easy-breezy-summer-dress to I’m-not-scared-of-winter-because-I-know-how-to-layer-dress. Enjoy.

Step one: Take your favorite dress. You probably wore it a handful of times over the summer but as the temps cool, you think it has seen the end of it’s days and is headed for the storage bin until Minnesota thaws out in the spring.

Style Trend: '90s Layering | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Step two: Hold the phone! Take said dress and throw a basic tee underneath to extend the life of the dress into the fall.

Style Trend: '90s Layering | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Step three: Extend that life a smidge more and add a turtleneck underneath to wear it on the most brutal of winter days.

Style Trend: '90s Layering | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Do you think this is a trend to try this season? Is it too much/too soon to revisit ‘90s fashion? Share a picture in the comments of the way you extend your summer dresses!

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